Something I've Noticed


An Old Friend
In all the different forums I frequent there is never a section dedicated to surfing the internet for Science, Science Fiction, Fantasy or Horror.

Yes, there are link pages and link sections and discussions dealing with links but nothing isolating the surfing experiance.

I don't even know how it could be done. I do know what I would luv ta see...

1. A forum for Science, SciFi, Fantasy, Horror Sites
2. Like a reference section for cannon facts
3. A help search section to ask for help finding sites dealing with...
4. A how to section for building your own...
5. Tabbed browsing surf maps section

Yeah, I'm 8up!:P


good point... but some of us don't really have enough time ... wish i did. i do it the lazy way: follow the skwirlinator -think i said it before:check out his links