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OK, I'm sure I'm not the only one who watches Sons of Anarchy around here. :smiley:

What did you guys/gals think of this weeks episode? It was anticipated that a main characters death was coming but I was not predicting that one at all! :eek:
The seventh and final season of Sons of Anarchy starts September 9, 2014. From the teaser released from the new video it would appear that Jax is either being foreshadowed to be heading for the grave or that he will be grim reaper for others.


... or he is really Ghost Rider. :D
Anybody think it was a bit predictable what was going to happen with Abel in regards to the 'the big lie' this season? It was not a question of "if" he was going to reveal it, only "when" and to whom.

... and poor Juice! :o_O:
No spoilers dude, have just started watching this show, almost to the end of season one. Am enjoying thus far.
Resist the urge to binge watch it once you start! :D Some of the story lines go off in rambling directions but the core will keep you watching till the very end.

If you like the music there are also two soundtrack albums available. By the end of the series the number of tracks by Katey Sagal is a bit much but earlier there were some great tracks by various artists, like the cover of It's a Wonderful World by Alison Mosshart.
Just into season two, was hoping for a box set but Downunder the final season hasn't aired as yet cause we suck and all. Like where it's heading, showdown between the usurpers of the club and those supporting it's original ideas. Gonna be a bloodbath I would imagine.