Space FireMen


Nov 5, 2016
For many centuries there has been people whose line of work has been to put out fires.
they are simply called firemen..
This name is a fiting name for their job is to extinguish fires from the home or wherever a fire may arise..

In the far future man has left a now dead earth.The earths sun has long since burn out. its ocean now vapoarated. now human kind live in vast space stations across the universe. There is still a need for firemen.. however,


An Old Friend
Dec 6, 2004
Gulf Coast
Just a note, In Sunshine (2007) they didn't use firemen on the ship.
I've seen quite a few space movies where they expose that compartment to space to remove the fire.
In a Dyson Sphere, Ringworld, Halo type space station where gravity and combustibles are present I think firemen of some type will still be needed.
However, in such an advanced construction, not too sure there would be very many open flames
Electronics don't usually just burst into flames.
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