Sci-Fi Space Hero Emma Tiffany

I have a new novel out:

Emma Tiffany is not having a good time these days.

Her mother is a famed law enforcement office in the new Interstellar Alliance of Independent Worlds. Emma would like NOT to follow in her mother’s footsteps. Then she comes to the rescue of a woman she met in a bar.

She’s “rewarded” with a posting to the Alliance Space Patrol. She’s given command of a ship, the duty to protect the Alliance, and all the aggravations that come with command and duty. She has to deal with criminals, a conspiracy, and all-out war.

Will there be a better reward at the end of Emma’s service to the Alliance? Emma is hoping there will be, and something a little more valuable than a gold watch...

I hope you check it out. It’s available at most online bookstores.

Stay safe!
Not going to mention the trailer? :P

Looks good, the thin purple font against the black background is a bit hard to read at smaller sizes. For the next one I'd suggest either a thicker font or a brighter color for us folks who are wearing bifocals these days. :D

Yeah, it was a bit hard for me to read, too, but I wanted to stick with the book’s cover font. Definitely trying to figure out what works and what doesn’t, now that I’m back to doing book trailers.