Space Pilots (Sci-Fi Comedy

Hey, I'd like to tell you all about my Star Wars/Star Trek parody show "Space Pilots"

Space Pilots is the new show that'll rock your cock off! (please watch responsibly)

It's a Sci-Fi Comedy centered on, you guessed it, "Space Pilots." With lots of lasers, space battles, alien women, and 'ka-pew ka-pew' sounds. The protagonist, a drifter named Navin Williams, finds himself with a bounty on his head and on the run from a wide range of Bounty Hunters. With the help of his dependable Artificial Intelligence program, Artie, he must outwit, escape, or destroy them. How long can he last as an interstellar outlaw

Here is a link to the latest episode (one of my favorites so far)

and a playlist to all available episodes:

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