Space Quest creators are making a new game


The Two Guys from Andromeda, creators of the Space Quest adventure game series (from Sierra in the '80s and '90s), have opened up their Kickstarter campaign for their new space adventure game. And they've got some nice voice talent lined up as well, including:
  • Gary Owens - Narrator from SQ4 and SQ6, voice of Space Ghost, Laugh-in, and many many others in a long and distinguished career.
  • Rob Paulsen - Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Yakko from Animaniacs, Raphael the Ninja Turtle, and multiple characters from Monkey Island among many other characters he has voiced.
  • Robert Clotworthy – Jim Raynor from StarCraft 1 & 2, Senator Evran & Supreme Chancellor from Star Wars: The Old Republic, and Narrator of The History Channel’s Ancient Aliens series, Big Bang Theory, etc.
  • Ellen McLain - GLaDOS from Portal 1 & 2, Overwatch from Half-Life 2, Administrator from Team Fortress 2, Witch from Left for Dead 2 and many more.
  • John Patrick Lowrie - Sniper from Team Fortress 2, Sword Control from Halo Reach, Citizens from Half-Life 2 and author of Dancing with Eternity.

Check out their Kickstarter now at: 没有找到站点

Also be sure to check out their website: Guys from Andromeda


I am definitely looking forward to this. Huge fan of all the old classic Sierra games! And it's nice to see the original SQ creators coming together to do ANOTHER Space Adventure! (Seems to be the new thing with Al Lowe on the next Leisure Suit Larry, and Jane Jensen started a Kickstarter for her own campaign!) Definitely supported all three!