Animation Space Shuttle Columbia-Columbia's Last Voyage (revealed)

Randal R.

Columbia's last voyage.....What really happened in 2003.
Visual Fiction or NASA has some explaining to do.
footage taken from US Space Command Archives..which happened to be watching the mission from satellite cameras
and comms eavesdropping.<<<Fictitious Description

This is a work of visual is in fact part of a Battlestar 2015
video am trying to remake.I thought I would cut a short and load it up...also thought of trying to add fictitious description and see what others may think...Interesting to see possibly.
Model credits I will add when I actually determine which ones I used and re-tex'd.And probably just add it to the Project this is made for.


I did run this thru AE and tried to add color balance changes..which i am just now experimenting with a thinking of dropping it for the real video.

Thank you for visiting my post.
Art is expressionism and expressionism is personal.
I warn you that some people could take offence at this work.
Be prepared.

Shuttle Columbia's disaster was very real and people died. It set space exploration on the back burner and created many roadblocks for the industry.

This video could be viewed like someone replacing the two planes that hit the Twin Towers with rubber ducks.

I am not offended personally but I want you to realize that some people might be.