Space Station Renovation: 6 bedrooms/2 baths


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Space Station Renovation: 6 bedrooms/2 baths

Wired said:
For much of the International Space Station's ten-year life it has been a cramped 3 bedroom/1 bath apartment. But by the end of this year's renovations it will be a substantial 6 bedroom/2 bath house with three lab spaces, a walk in closet and a back porch.

Although the crew reported some trouble with the one on board toilet earlier this week a NASA spokesperson at Moscow mission control said they were able to get it back up and running within a day. Earlier this year when the crew had a problem with the space toilet Russia had to send a replacement pump to the United States in a diplomatic pouch to be carried up on the next Shuttle flight to get it repaired. Although other equipment had to be removed to make room for it, Shuttle payloads manager Scott Higginbotham said, "clearly having a working toilet is a priority for us."

Now the next Shuttle mission to the International Space Station is manifested for November 14th and it will bring sleeping quarters for an three additional crew members, new kitchen equipment, a second toilet, new exercise equipment as well as a new waste water processor that will create more potable water for the station.

All this is currently being packed into 'Leonardo,' the Italian supplied mini-pressurized logistics module that fits into the Space Shuttle's cargo bay. When all the 'movers' are done the first crew of six will be ready to take over the station in May 2009. Until then the current crew may just have to try out all the new bunks to see which one they like best.

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