Spaceballs: The Cartoon?


Code Monkey
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Mar 20, 2004
Spaceballs is one of the most loved sci-fi parody movies amongst fans of the genre. Now comes word that the movie may spawn a cartoon series. Looking back, I think this would make a great cartoon if the animation sytle is directed at adults instead of the usual cheap Saturday-morning type animation.


Brooks Heads To Drawing Board

Mel Brooks, who co-wrote and directed the 1987 SF spoof Spaceballs, is working on a new animated television series based on the film, Variety reported. Brooksfilms will develop and produce an hour-long pilot and 13 half-hour episodes in partnership with Berliner Film Companie and MGM Domestic TV.

Brooks and co-writer Thomas Meehan will write the pilot based on the adventures of the reluctant hero Lone Starr, his hairy pal Barf and the feisty Princess Vespa, who must use the power of the schwartz against the evil Dark Helmet. Brooks will also provide voices for the characters he portrayed in the film, President Scroob and Yogurt.