Spiderman - Japanese TV Series


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One of the misconceptions about American pop culture is that when it arrives on foreign shores that it arrives the same way as it is known to Americans. Well, to some degree, but not always.

Take, for example, Spiderman. Here in the US we know Spiderman as clean-cut Peter Parker who was accidentally bit by a radioactive spider. He may be filled with angst at times but at the end of the day he always does the right thing.

When Spiderman was exported to Japan in the 1970's it was decided that for the local market that the character needed some changes. A new back story, new settings and toys. Toys like giant robots and cars that look like they were dreamed up as a fantasy car by Matchbox. Oh, and a gun even though the original Spiderman never used one (remember what happened with his Uncle Ben).

For your viewing pleasure here is the promotional trailer.

Now if that caught your attention and you are intriqued for more, well good news! Marvel has released most of their classic shows online for your viewing pleasure.

You can find the Japanese Spiderman TV episodes here:


While there be sure to browse around some of the other videos that Marvel has made available as there are some gems in there that have not been aired on TV in many years.