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Split forums

Discussion in 'Feedback & Suggestions' started by Mojo, Jul 31, 2008.

  1. Mojo

    Mojo Rocket Ranger

    Jul 29, 2008
    It looks like you have one forum for Sci-Fi & Fantasy Discussion (oh, how I loathe combining those two terms together... but that's another beef), and another forum just for Sci-Fi and Fantasy Books.

    Why not have separate forums for movies and TV shows? That way you can flick back and forth between discussion of new films, classic films, favorite characters, etc... then move over to TV shows and mourn the passing of Firefly, or talk about Doctor Who, or whatever.

    I know a lot of this is covered in the UseNet forums, but as someone that loathes using the UseNet... I'd love to see more specific, detailed forums.
  2. Kevin

    Kevin Code Monkey Staff Abductee

    Mar 20, 2004
    Yeah, I may drop the "Fantasy" part from the description. I had in there to not exclude those topics (because I think it's safe to say that most of us watch just about all genres) but it is a bit long in the tooth for a forum title.

    If we split movies & TV into two distinct forums, what about stuff that crosses over both mediums (eg: Star Trek, Star Wars, X-Files, etc.)?

    Have you taken advantage of the option to disable the UseNet forums from showing up when you do New Posts yet? :)
  3. Mojo

    Mojo Rocket Ranger

    Jul 29, 2008
    I have no issue with the word fantasy being in the title... it's just that the genres of sci-fi are so different, and yet they're constantly being lumped together inappropriately.

    Well, you split up these topics -- if you're talking about the Star Trek movies, you go to the Movies forum. If you wanna talk about TOS, you go to the TV forum. And you could keep the General Forum in case someone wants to do something else, like compare Star Trek and Star Wars

    Yeah, I saw that. I haven't gotten used to the New Posts link yet, but that's a very nice feature to have.

  4. Mojo

    Mojo Rocket Ranger

    Jul 29, 2008
    Thanks to Kevin for making this change -- in case there is any doubt, K, you rock.


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