I don't play in any sports anymore, but I was in cross country and track!! I love badminton, football, basketball, volley ball, and I'm not too found of the water....Bunches of other stuff I like though!!
GOLF! YAYAYA!! OHyOOHYOOHYO!! Golfing is fun for everyone...hey hey hey...lets golf with me...gator golf, give it a whack...gator golf he'll throw it right back...nothing could be greater than playing a game of golf with a gator....HIYA!!


AgentNicBristow said:
lets see...for my school, i play football, hockey, and lacrosse.
For recreation i play golf, tennis, basketball.
thank god. i didn't think that anyone else played lacrosse! i was getting really upset at the world :rolleyes:
i play volleyball and water polo and love to swim. i have also done cheer (its a horrible memory!) tumbling gymnastics,& soccer :smiley:

lauren vartan i am altheic i would say but i can't spell!
I like to play A LOT of sports for fun but right now I'm in bowling and dancing. When I go to highschool I plan to try out for the girls basketball team. I don't know what position though. :smiley:


i swim, have played water polo, voleyball and handball at schhool, and a little basketball in my yard with my brother!