what's your favorite sport

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so, this topic is to discuss your favorite sport or if you play any sports
or discuss your favorite teams

well, I love pretty much all sports, but my favorites are soccer and baseball. I am on a baseball team and a soccer team every year! :lol:


i love football,(american,) thats how i shattered my elbow, lol
i also wrestle but that wasnt up there
I just don't believe that, even if society places such high regard into entertainment, that people should be paid millions of dollars for kicking balls around and just doing exercise, when people who save the lives of others and risk their own lives, barely get enough to make a living.
Definitely football. I played every year in high school and broke my hand my senior year and got taken out for half of that season. I want to play again. I miss it so much. ;(

I used to play Soccer too, but football is so much more fun.