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From Sci-Fi Wire comes word that the scheduled airing time for Star Trek: Enterprise is changing (again)....

UPN announced today that it will air Star Trek: Enterprise at 8 p.m. ET/PT Fridays in the fall, instead of the previously announced 9 p.m. ET/PT. UPN will begin airing reruns of Enterprise this summer in its new Friday timeslot beginning Aug. 6.
Thanks for the response, you have confirmed what I needed to know. I'm taping the shows so my son going to school in OK who has no cable can keep up. Need to un-program the VCR.


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NoelWest said:
To anyone is Enterprise showing tonight, Mar 4, 2005 or is Top Model going to be shown in its place?

MyWay has a TV schedule you can set up so you can view a grid of all the channels in your area. It is free and there is no download.


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Yes, but I use myway because it has a web-based email that is great as a spam address. Gives you surfability without comprimising your email inbox.

Tvguide has better info and graphics tho