Sci-Fi Star Trek (1966-1969)


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We mentioned yesterday that all of the Star Trek series will be soon be available for streaming on NetFlix...
Cool Sci-Fi on Twitter said:
Star Trek fans, rejoice, Star Trek, ST:TNG, ST:VOY, & ST:ENT are coming to Netflix streaming July 1 and ST∶DS9 is coming October 1.
... but what we didn't have room to mention in 140 characters is that the original series Star Trek will be available in HD!

A few years back Paramount Television remastered all of the original Star Trek series episodes in high definition. They cleaned up the episodes with slight enhancements like updated CGI graphics for the occassional phaser beam and external shots of the Enterprise.

The format of the remastered episodes remained true to the original 4x3 aspect ratio and aired in some markets in 2007.

It is the remastered ST:TOS episodes that will be available on NetFlix for streaming.


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I love the original Star Trek series! My two favorite episodes of this excellent scifi drama would have to be "Spectre of the Gun" & "Mirror, Mirror". I am not a trekkie in the sense that I know absolutely everything there is to know about the series, but I know it is a great series that deserves it's place in history as one of the greatest space dramas in TV history. There is no doubt either it's impact on the scifi cinema and all the spinoffs created by this entity. Love it. This inspires me to think about my own scifi artwork that I enjoy creating. For instance, I come up with questions for my artwork, "How can I make this more interesting?" or "How can I make this artwork more amusing (if appropriate, in relating to satire)?" All the great scifi tv shows and movies inspire to do my best as an artist and Star Trek, T.O.S. is one of the those among the best. :cool: