Star Trek Art Show in NYC Is a Response to 9/11 [Star Trek]


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[img2=left][/img2] Devorah Sperber has some pretty fancy reasons for thinking that Star Trek should be converted into complicated works of abstract art -- she loves the idea of the "mirror worlds" and layers of reality in classic Trek. But seriously, Sperber, you don't need to intellectualize with us. We know why it's important to have a glittery bead curtain with Spock on it. She's got some other cool creations as well, all part of a show opening tomorrow at Caren Golden Fine Art in NYC that the artist says is partly about her response to 9/11.

Wired's Sonia Zjawinski talked to Sperber about her work. All her stuff is made from beads and spools of thread, which she turns into photomosaics of different images from Trek. Apparently it's only classic Trek that makes it into her art, though she's much more of a fan of Next Gen. She told Zjawinski:
I realized the series offered an escape from the tumultuous post 9-11 world by presenting a utopian perspective of humanity at its best. The mission of the TNG Enterprise was exploration and with the exception of the Borg (you may recall their defining motto was 'resistance is futile'), the crew's confrontations with alien lifeforms were mostly based on misunderstandings and cultural differences vs. battles between good and evil.​
Of course, part of the reason why TNG works that way is because it was made before 9/11. Note that Trek made after 9/11 has a much darker perspective. Check out more of Sperber's stuff at the Mirror Universe Show [Caren Golden Fine Art]

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