Star Trek guide


I'm one of those loners who love SciFi television show, I've watched quite a few and had a few of my best moments in life enjoying the show. Now it's gone, I've no idea what to watch next.

I'm thinking of watching Star Trek, although, I have no idea where to begin. I mean which series, Enterprise, just Start Trek, the original series, next generation or deep space nine.

Could someone please give me the correct order of Star Trek? Also, it's old, and I haven't heard much about it, what is good about it?
Hmm, do you mean a televised historic schedule or a Universe timeline? Since the shows implemented ideas, settings and storylines suitable to audiences of the time they were aired in it may be difficult to give an answer to that. It might be dependent on your age, experiences, etc.
I meant what the correct sequence or order of the Star Trek franchise is, or even if there is any.

I want to watch it, but so that I know what is going on, so that I don't start right in the middle of it. I'm not watching it on television, I'll do it online, while I have access to the entire show.