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Avoid A Void
i am sure someone else has posted this before yet i felt the urge to post this. this is the original video.

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I remember when this first came out. I was singing it over and over. So funny.

The worrying thing is, it still is, to me!
i have the song in my collection of weird geeky songs alongside the big hair bands and hot girl bands of the 80's.

whats really sad is i have the whole collection of weird al yankovic.
An american came working for a year in the UK and I spent about 6 months with him in my workplace. He introduced me to Weird Al back then. I think it was 1988. Funny and innovative stuff for the time. I'd been used to the Official Top 40 back then really, no tastes had developed yet. It was another year or so before I started to find my music.