Star Wars - Clone Wars

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Greetings Sci-Fi fans,

Hope all is well with you.

I’m a writer come to spread the good word about a review of the new Star Wars film that’s just gone up on a site I write for, the Quietus.

I know this looks like spam but I genuinely think you die hard fans will be interested and so I come in peace.

The writer who penned it wasn’t a big fan but feel free to post a comment in reply and have you’re say. After all we are a democracy:

The Quietus | Film | Film Reviews | Star Wars: Clone Wars. The Quietus Chokes On George Lucas' Table-Scraps

What dya think?

Looking forward to seeing the movie yourself?

Hope to speak to you in a bit, I’ll be lurking.



Don't think many reviewers think that much to it actually. And that one you link to certainly puts the adult references in at the end!
Dean, we have a thread for discussing this new movie in a different forum:

I'd invite you to continue your discussion of this upcoming film there. As a rule of thumb, we don't link to other forums and invite our members to move their discussion away from -- it kinds of defeats the point, if you think about it.

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