Star Wars The Force Unleashed 2


I am pretty excited for this game it has great graphics, stellar gamplay, and a fantastic plot.

Also get the demo which just came out recently it's really fun.

Tell me your thoughts about the game.
The game is awsome, I played and beat the game. I wont give away anything but i will say alot is improved and alot is added. In my opinion its only worth a rent not because the game is bad far from it but the prablem is it has little to no reply value and the story mode is only 8 hours to get through. Alot less if u play on easy and all the achievments are incredibly easy. You can easily get your times worth in the game for just renting it for a 5-7 day period. Im not saying dont buy it, if your a fan of The Force Unleashed series and want to buy it go head im just saying from my point of view after a week of playing it and u beat the game and get all the achievments what more can you do with it? least till dlc if any come out.