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dude. i have to say star wars is my favorite movie. dont bother asking whic one cuz i love em all. who here shares this feeling?


ooh, ooh, me too! the old ones, i'm not a big fan of the new ones. i watched The Empire Strikes Back in English Class. We were identifying all these Jungian archetypes in it. it was great! and i fell in love with the movies.


Episodes 4 5 & 6 = Classic Cinema
Episodes 1 & 2 = kids movies pretty much

let me just start off by saying that Im a massive fan of Star Wars, Ive Invested thousands of dollars into collecting star wars Merch fro the 70's till now. My collection is worth roughly $80.000 dollars.
I grew up watching the original 3 and loving them to bits, then they re released them which I loved, I got to see them on the big screen, then ep's 1 & 2 came out and they were no where near as good. All bright colours the oversue of green screen, apart from the actors everything else is cgi!
Im not slamming them totally because they dop the story but the dialogue is terrible at best example:
-"are you and Angel"
Little anakin skywalker pissed me off immesley, he was sooo cheesy and stereotypical it hurt. then teenage angst ridden anakin was soo annoyingly self involved it hurt. the whole roll around in the grass scene from Ep II reeked of cheesy ness. The movie had little to effect on me at all, I just didnt enjoy them. kids seem to love them though. maybe thats what he tried to do I dont know, but I feel that only kids and fanboys like the new movies, I just really dont like them at all. Jar Jar anyone? gimmie a break,

George Lucas = just plain greedy


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i'm a fan of the original trilogy, but not so much for the prequels. The story was better in Episodes 4-6, the but the special effects are clearly so much better in Episode 1 and 2.
I know theres a star wars thread back a ways :LOL:

I loved the original, the prequels... not so great ^_^ Worth watching but only cause I'm a fan ;)


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SecretAgentMan  i'm a fan of the original trilogy, but not so much for the prequels

Me too !!! I watched the original trilogy like a 100 times or more but I was disappointed by eps 1 and 2 so far.....
SecretAgentMan said:
my expectations are low for Episode 3 at the moment. I haven't read any spoilers though.
Yeah me too, but I do like them all, & episode 3 is going to be the darkest of them all, so it might be very good after all.
I absolutely love them, at least the original ones. The prequels are not as good, but in by opinion they were necesary. They give Darth Vader and Obi Wan a whole new perspective and they introduce Leia and Luke's mom, who always intrigued me. I just hope that GL stops here and doesn't go on with Epi. VII, VIII and IX.
The old ones rizock, I didn't like the first prequel so much, but the second one grew on me, for awhile in middle school I must admit, I had a whole Star Wars phase. It was interesting.
I think I'm the only person in the world who didn't hate Jar Jar :confused: I mean he was annoying but I don't have this profound hatred some people seem to :LOL:

I remember when my mom was episode 1 opening day 1. I was really mad cause I didnt get to go :LOL: and 2. She said it wasn't very good so I had low expectations, and then it was a lot better than I thought it would be. So I think it's a good thing to have low expectations in a kind of weird way :LOL:


Gendo said:
Episodes 4 5 & 6 = Classic Cinema
Episodes 1 & 2 = kids movies pretty much
I agree with you, although I thought Epi 2 was better than Epi 1, and i´m hoping Epi 3 will be good, because there are a lot of things that must happen and only 2 hours for it to.

I loved 4/5/6 but i watched them on video, i always have wondered how would i have felt if a saw them on a theater , not in re-release but in the 80s...coming home and telling everyone ohhhh there´s a big surprise....darth is luke´s father !