C & C Star Wars


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CnC please.


1. New Layer
2. Image>Apply Image
3. Filters>Distort>Ocean Ripple
4. Blending Mode to Lighten
5. Erase what looks gay

simple :P


no d00d, you have to make the ocean ripples look pretty messed up. then you set that layer on lighten, and just leave barely anything at like the edges of your focal and stuff.
Watch the language Wulf. I'm gonna have to warn you next time I catch that.

On topic, I like the one with the effects that Wulf added. There's a lot more going on and it makes it more interesting. You're original is good too though Swerve. You just need to try working with effects to add a little more to it.



I don't like the boxes. If you add lighting above the arm too, it could add some depth, depth is meh in this one. The orange line seems out of place IMO. Flow is kind of weird, can't tell where it's going. Maybe an orange/purple (default) gradient map on soft light? I think I normally do for effects is (if I'm too lazy to do real, good effects):

Go to: Filter > Distort > Displace > Choose any .PSD > Erase over the render (OR...) > Set to lighten.

Bottom of the render seems monotone, if you're gonna do that, try to blend in the monotone part. I'd smudge out some of the other light sources. They mess up the focal. Focal needs work. Compo is okay. Border is a bit thick... but that's just my taste. :P Good job overall.