Starbeast from Planet X

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being

Greetings and Good Day to all,

I discovered this site when I was browsing for sci-fi forms, and lo and behold I joined this one.

I enjoy almost all classic & new Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror artwork, movies, documentaries, as well as subjects like: History, Ufology, Astronomy, Nature and Amimals.

Well, I'm going to be exploring this site for a while, but feel free to chat with me, I do like to talk to people.

Yes, I do like comic books.​

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
Good Evening

Hi Astonwest,

I like writing too, I checked out your site as well, it must keep you pretty busy.

I mostly write sci-fi, fantasy and horror short stories, nothing published yet.

I also enjoy illustrating sci-fi, fantasy and horror for fun.

Unfortunately, I haven't done either in a while, I just started doing both recently again.

Thanks for the welcome.



Creative Writer
Welcome Starbeast! Everyone keeps busy in their own ways of course. Everyone probably has quite similar dreams though :smiley:

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
Hi Tim

Yes, we all have our busy little lives, but we can break away and have some fun in the sun once in a while.

And that's why I'm here........for FUN TIME. Before the Daleks get me.

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being
Classic 1966 Captain America - (from the original comic book story)

Captain America vs the Red Skull

PART 1 of 3

PART 2 of 3

PART 3 of 3​

I was browsing Youtube for superhero cartoons and found one of my favorite Captain America stories which was taken directly from the original 1960's comic books.


Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being


My favorite car accompanied with my favorite vehicle tune. I'm now officially 48 and I thank GOD for allowing me to live out another year on his beautiful planet we call Earth.

*Space Cake: only 1 gram of sugar per cake​