Starbeast from Planet X

Starbeast from Planet X

Benevolent Galaxy Being

Greetings and Good Day to all,

I discovered this site when I was browsing for sci-fi forms, and lo and behold I joined this one.

I enjoy almost all classic & new Sci-Fi, Fantasy, Horror artwork, movies, documentaries, as well as subjects like: History, Ufology, Astronomy, Nature and Amimals.

Well, I'm going to be exploring this site for a while, but feel free to chat with me, I do like to talk to people.

Yes, I do like comic books.​
Good Evening

Hi Astonwest,

I like writing too, I checked out your site as well, it must keep you pretty busy.

I mostly write sci-fi, fantasy and horror short stories, nothing published yet.

I also enjoy illustrating sci-fi, fantasy and horror for fun.

Unfortunately, I haven't done either in a while, I just started doing both recently again.

Thanks for the welcome.

Welcome Starbeast! Everyone keeps busy in their own ways of course. Everyone probably has quite similar dreams though :smiley:
Hi Tim

Yes, we all have our busy little lives, but we can break away and have some fun in the sun once in a while.

And that's why I'm here........for FUN TIME. Before the Daleks get me.
Classic 1966 Captain America - (from the original comic book story)

Captain America vs the Red Skull

PART 1 of 3

PART 2 of 3

PART 3 of 3​

I was browsing Youtube for superhero cartoons and found one of my favorite Captain America stories which was taken directly from the original 1960's comic books.



My favorite car accompanied with my favorite vehicle tune. I'm now officially 48 and I thank GOD for allowing me to live out another year on his beautiful planet we call Earth.

*Space Cake: only 1 gram of sugar per cake​