Sci-Fi Stargate: Atlantis

SiriCerasi said:
dude :mellow: i know :lol:

i take that back. i don't need cable. all i need is the sci-fi channel :lol:
exactly. and u need cable to get the sci-fi channel. it doesn't have to be digital cable, depending where u are, but i know in most areas around here, u just get extended cable and there it is. usually on channel 68. but because i live in this complex, u have to have digital cable to get it and so it's 160 for me. and i can only get it east coast time too. but i like it that way... cuz if i got it PST time, then i would have to tape a lot of stuff. but neway, u NEED the sci fi channel aria.

and dont' they show the season before on fox?
lol definitely a younger jack. him and the jokes and... he and jack would be buddies. too bad that jack didn't really get to know him, though. oh dude this brings me back to the premiere! when jack and shepard are in that helicopter with the atlantian weapon going after them. i loved that whole scene.
i don't like SGA as much as SG1. I don't like Teyla. i think that she's a really stupid 5 year old. Did anyone else see the ep where she had a tantrum?
i like the whole McWeir ship though, LOL
July 15, i think :smiley:.

i just rewatched the Rising, and it totally reminded me of why i fell in love with that show in the first place :smiley:
Very unlikely to happen considering it's only in the 3rd season and from what I've seen... it's pretty good.

Well... Atlantis will blow up before the Wraith completely takes it over cuz it has a self-destruct. ^_^

*wanders off*

ETA: I meant 2nd season. :blush: oops.
Ha! I love this show!!! Anything SciFi, well almost, but especially SciFi Friday. I don't know which of the shows I like better. When I first got really into SG1 and heard about Atlantis I was like, 'No way this is gonna be as good as SG1.' But it was!!! (And totally love BsG too!)

Oh! I'm on Weir and Colonel (formerly Major) too! I still haven't gotten used to that yet. I love McKay! But no where close to how much I LOVE Shepard. McKay's so sarcastic and know-it-all. It's a change from SG1, cuz there are a lot of similarities in the show like Shepard being like Jack. But I love him! I don't really like Tayla though, she bugs me.

sry that was really long. Can I talk about new eps on here or are there people in places where it hasn't aired yet? Or if there is, do you mind? Cuz I'm like bursting!
I had a Atlantis marathon last weekend and I've now seen the first season. I still like SG-1 more but this is really good.. Now I just need to get my hands on the second season.

Sheppard and Carson are my favorites! Joe Flanigan is my newest crush :blush: There's definitely some tension between Weir and Sheppard. :smiley: Unfortunately I've sensed something between Sheppard&Teyla and Weir& McKay.. :confused: I don't like Teyla, she's annoying so she and Sheppard can't end up together..
Hey, that was exsactly how I felt! I don't like Teyla either, I don't know why but she annoys me. In the second season a new character comes in and it kinda seems like the new character and Teyla have something, but then in an episode Sheppard kisses Tayla. I was like NO. But fortunally Sheppard wasn't quite himself. And Weir seemed really protective of him towards another Colonel who comes in. Yay. But is seems like two triangles are gonna pop up, or a square or whatever. With Sheppard, Wier, Tayla, and the new character.
Exsactly what I said.

They need to give Teyla the boot, or the bucket, I mean have Teyla's boot kick the bucket. :confused: (Pardon my miserably failed attempt at a joke)
mk so I just watched the entire thing in like a week :confused: IT'S SO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD OMFG

I'm totally Sheppard/Weir too, btw ^_^ They're very pretty and they have eye sex like. Constantly.

And Sheppard was totally not himself when he kissed Teyla. And neither of them liked it. So it's all good :lol:

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