For Sale Stargate from Stargate: Atlantis


Code Monkey
Staff member
Sorry, no, I'm not the one selling this. I'm on the US East Coast and the stargate is on the US West Coast. This is one of those times that I wish I knew more people out in the CA area that I could ask a favor of, namely of storing this thing in their garage till I could figure out how to get it home. :D


Promotional Stargate for sale. Acquired back when I used to work for a local movie theater, the Stargate was used as a lobby promotion for TV show Stargate Atlantis. As such, there is some moderate to significant wear and tear, but it still fits together nicely. The gate itself comes in 5 pieces (left, right, capstone, and two metal legs), as well as a promotional sign that can go on the front.

Buyer should be prepared to move the gate. Please make an offer, I honestly don't know how much to price it for, but we're moving soon and it's either sell it or trash it.

Note: The gate is only functional in so much as you can walk through it. You will not travel to a distant planet.