stargate movie campaign

hello everyone im new to this forum but i just wanted to see if any stargate fans are interested in joining a movie campaign for both SG1 and SGA on facebook all you have to do is type stargate movie campaign on the search part of facebook and it will show up. we already have 180 members so please join if you are a fan of SG1 or SGA and would like to see a movie for them oh and if you dont have a facebook account you can also participate on the gateworld forum.
By the end of its run, Stargate had become a parody of itself, so I'm definitely happy with it finally coming to a conclusion. But there's already an Atlantis movie in the works. The press reveals it's called Stargate: Extinction. My bet's on Todd doing something stupid and dangerous again.
Yeah, I was kind of wondering about this since movies were supposed to be in the works, although I heard the recession had temporarily cut the funding. Can't argue against cold hard cash really. Also don't want to see the actors retire before the money is provided either.