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A few times recently I've wanted to revisit the pilot of the show to get some nostalgia up and running again. I kept putting it out of my mind and suddenly this dvd comes out for sale!

A bit of googling around and it appears the changes are :

Using different takes footage
Deleted some scenes and added one
Inserting better SFX
Altering some audio including slightly changed dialogue
Removal of 1994 movies score and replacing with modern SG-1 series score
More importantly changing the script overall to patch over holes

There's a 6 page article on the new dvd at Gateworld:

You can find it for sale on Amazon right now as an R1 DVD and it runs 92mins. I'm sure it will be other shops too

Imports by some dealers if you're in the UK:
I have just bought the series 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 8th seasons box sets. (Found them used in a very nice book store.)

Anyways when Sharra was suddenly stripped nekkid and they actually showed it I was like "I don't remember THIS scene from Space: The Imagination station!" :D

Sadly I hear they edited that scene out. :(


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Yeah, they did to get a rating equal to the tv series. I think a bit of swearing too. It makes it accessible to fans of the series who ordinarily couldn't watch the original film due to adult content.

I've actually seen this release now. The video quality does vary between shots/scenes although the story is tidied up now. Wasn't the fantastic experience I thought it would be, but it's a job finally finished.

Azhria Lilu

I've heard rumours lately about the possibility of an SG1 reboot - with some of the original cast members possibly being in the first episode to hand the reins over to a new team.

I'm undecided. I think there are still tales to be told from the Atlantis team. The dynamics were fab between the members (and yeah, I admit it, I need a Ronan fix!)

I wasn't a fan of Universe, so when that got cancelled I can't say I was overly upset, but SG1 and Atlantis had life left in them :(

Do you approve of a reboot? Who would you cast?


I never watched Universe so no loss there. Stopped watching Atlantis, when they had to leave the planet they were on.

I'd like to see all of the original cast back for more than one episode in SG1.


yes yes and hell yes they should reboot it IF they are going to do it right.....

Universe was felgercarb from the outset, badly written, poorly cast and an epic fail, hence why it got cancelled, but what gets me is why they stopped filming Atlantis, as the ratings were good, and the show was getting better and better.

If they write this well, cast the right sort of people and dont try to go down the dark BG route like they tried with Universe, they might succeed, and I hope they do because I loved SG1 and Atlantis :)