Starship Deckplans Poster: a Kickstarter Campaign


I am running a Kickstarter campaign to turn my favorite Future Armada ship into a 24x36, double sided poster featuring miniature-scale deckplans and high poly renderings.

You can learn more (and see the breath-taking video) here: Kickstarter: Clydesdale Poster

The ships on the poster (gunboat on one side, civilian transport version on the other) are detailed and described in a supporting electronic document (issue #5 of Future Armada) and I have created a custom miniature of the ship (produced via 3D printing ala Shapeways). If this campaign is successful, I have many more ships just waiting to make the transition onto posters.

Here are a couple of the renders:



And a photograph of the miniature (dry brushed with white paint to bring out detail)


~Ryan Wolfe of 0 hr: art & technology