Starship Deckplans Poster: Kickstarter Campaign #2


Nov 6, 2012
Pittsburgh, PA
Since the first one was so successful, I am running a second Kickstarter
campaign to turn another of my favorite Future Armada ships into
a 24x36, double sided poster featuring miniature-scale deckplans and
detailed renderings.

Details (and video) are here: Kickstarter: Free Trader / Grendel Poster

The ships on the poster (free trader on one side, privateer version on the
other) are detailed and described in a supporting electronic document
(issue #17 of Future Armada) and I have created a custom miniature of the
ship for those who are interested.

Here is a sample of a rendered image:

And a photograph of the resin cast miniature

~Ryan Wolfe of 0 hr: art & technology
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