Starship Explorers - Looking for feedback


Hey everyone! I’m developing a scifi video game and was wondering if anyone would be kind enough to give some feedback on the direction? It’s a ship-building/rpg hybrid; kind of ‘The Sims meets FTL meets StarTrek’.

It’s super early stages right now but I was hoping to get some thoughts on what (if anything) the scifi community likes about the idea; what sounds exciting, uninteresting, etc… I'm just a one-man team so my effort needs to go where it's most needed.

You can see the current pitch, with some pre-pre-pre-alpha screen shots here:

I’d be very appreciative to find out what you think.

There’s also a very early build of the ship builder that you can download and play around with. It’s bare bones functionality at the moment but I want to do regular updates and get it to a fun-to-play stage as soon as possible. You can download it at the link above.

Feel free to complain about missing features and suggest outlandish things you’d like to see in the future; as far as I’m concerned all feedback is great feedback. Thanks!
Its pretty cool, I guess I'm spoiled on the 3-d world of video games, ever since zaxxon, I haven't been the same, lol! do a ship builder of the alien space jockeys ship, its pretty unusual, and since Hans Richter Gieger's passing I reckon he wont mind.....