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An Old Friend

Second Butler Action Figure Revealed
The comic two-pack's second figure [Full Story]
(source: The Butlerniverse, 04-16-08)

TheForce.Net to Reverse Fan Film/Audio Split
Fan audio discussion returns to birthplace? [Full Story]
(source:, 06-15-08)

Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar Released
Surprise audio drama prequel to COTR [Full Story]
(source: Colonel Ledok and the Mission to Qalabar, 06-11-08)

A Double-Dose of Butler
TB and SWT-G [Full Story]
(source:, 06-07-08)

The Age of the Swords on the Radio
Lion's Mouth series hits the airwaves [Full Story]
(source: Lion's Mouth Entertainment, 05-30-08)

The Jedi Council Speaks Launches New Spin-Off
HR joins NI as spin-off [Full Story]
(source: The Jedi Council Speaks, 05-30-08)

Butler ConCarolinas Appearance Canceled
Illness wins the day [Full Story]
(source: The Butlerniverse, 05-24-08)

Butler ConCarolinas Appearance in Doubt
Illness takes its toll [Full Story]
(source: The Butlerniverse, 05-24-08)

Setnin . . . Video?
SR returns as video? [Full Story]
(source: Setnin Radio, 05-24-08)

The Invasion Begins Released
XWA mod with SW fan audio voice actors [Full Story]
(source: To Overcome, 05-12-08)

Solitude Audio Drama Experiment Released
Nathan P. Butler's "solo a capella" audio drama [Full Story]
(source: Solitude, 05-11-08)

Harrison Announces Crusade of the Rebellion
COTR is COTE sequel [Full Story]
(source: Conquest of the Empire, 05-11-08)

Star Wars and Beyond Return Delayed
But archives and SE's still coming [Full Story]
(source: Star Wars and Beyond, 05-11-08)

Gilbertson Character Gets Figured
WTS entry becomes action figure [Full Story]
(source: A Long Time Ago Radio, 05-11-08)

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