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    Welcome to the Star Wars Wiki, a Star Wars database that anyone can edit.

    In this wiki, started on March 4, 2005, we are currently working on 2724 articles.

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    This is a coordinated effort among Wikipedians to provide more detailed Star Wars content. While Wikipedia is for more general, encyclopedic knowledge, the Star Wars Wiki is for Star Wars fans who wish to learn/provide more about the Star Wars Universe.

    This database contains a plethora of spoilers for all released material relating to the Star Wars universe. Read at your own risk.


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    Table of contentsshowTocToggle("show","hide") [showhide] 1 Making new articles

    2 Guidelines for copying articles from Wikipedia to SWW

    2.1 What should be moved
    2.2 How to move an article

    3 See also

    4 Merging articles from Wikipedia with our articles.

    4.1 How to merge Wikipedia articles with our articles:

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    The Star Wars Wiki is just getting started so Help will not fully be available for now. Please add any sections that we need to have for help, even if you don't have time to create the article just now.

    Help:Editing Star Wars:Manual of Style
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