Stephen King

I used to be obsessed with Stephen King. I started reading his books when I was only 11 years old (probably too young, but I've always felt older than my age. It doesn't seem to have done me any harm. ^_^) My favorites are the ones he wrote in the late 70s/early 80s - The Shining, Pet Semetary, It, The Stand, and Needful Things. The later ones just weren't the same (or maybe my taste changed) but I did like Bag of Bones and Dreamcatcher.
Everyone keeps saying that his books are great and so scary but I find his books boring.. But because this is a topic for his lovers I shut my mouth and just say that Pet Semetary was a decent book.. -_-
I love his books. I read them since my teenage years. I've read Insomnia, Carrie, The shining, Different seasons, Four past midgnith, the Green Mile, Christine, Cujo, Danse macabre, The eyes of the dragon, It, Pet semetary and The tomyknockers, the Dead zone, The girl who loved Tom Gordon and others that i don't remember the title.

Stephen King is definitely a great author.
I have just finished reading 'Night Shift' with his collection of short stories, was awesome as it had ones such as Children of the Corn, The Boogeyman etc and due to my neck/head injury that prevents me from reading for long periods of times having short stories was just fantastic.

He is definately one of the best writers out there.