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Nov 18, 2003
Hi, I wrote this awhile ago (before the last show we saw when Lauren kills Lazarey) and I kind of wanted to show it. I haven't ever posted fan fiction and this is the only one I"ve written, so I don't know if I will continue it, but here it is. I also wasn't sure how to post it, so I just added a topic, I hope that's ok. I am thinking it would take place later on this season, after Vaughn and Syd have had some more romantic tension and Vaughn is getting more and more concerned about his feelings for her. It's a conversation they have near the end of a show and it continues into the "next one".

Later on in this season or next season:

Sydney and Vaughn have just returned from a grueling mission…both of their lives had been threatened (of course) and they narrowly escape. At one point, Sydney, out of desperation that she might lose Vaughn, tells him that she loves him just before they escape. At home, they are about to part.

“Sydney, I feel like…look, I know that we’ve had these moments, over the past year, since you’ve been back, where we needed to talk. Talk about everything since you’ve been gone. There’s been more to talk about than I can even imagine. And we haven’t, which is probably my fault.” Sydney shakes her head as if to dismiss this.
“I mean, really, Syd, don’t you want to just talk?” Sydney says nothing, but stops and waits for him to continue.
Ever since I met you, since the day I handled your first mission, I learned that compartmentalizing my work…the very root of what our job entails…was, well it became non-existent, Syd, to the point that completing our job involved being so unbelievably careful, to keep each other from getting killed. In my work at the CIA, I’ve never watched anyone so closely and worked so intently to see through a mission than you. You’ve saved my life—I’ve saved yours—how many times? God Syd, it’s been so many times that we risked our jobs, our sanity, our lives to do that, without even a second thought, ever. We just did it, out of something more than just our job. It kept me going, everyday, knowing that if I didn’t do my job, something might happen to you. That is a feeling I will never lose, in the work that I do, or in my heart. There is nothing that I wouldn’t do for you, Sydney.” Sydney, obviously emotional now, hesitates to speak, not knowing what to say or where to go with this. He’s married. Nothing will change that.
“I believe that, I really do. But, as…secure…as I feel with you guarding me through every mission that I’ve done, knowing that you would do everything…what you just said, Vaughn, it means… the world to me, it does, you know how much it does. And it breaks my heart. The thing is, I feel that I am a strong person…despite how I look right now! (as her hair is tousled from their mission and her face is drenched with tears) After all that’s happened, disaster after disaster, I’m still here and I’m still okay, for now (Vaughn gives her a concerned look). When I needed it, every time, every time, you were there, picking me up after I fell, giving me another reason to stay, to work harder. But you can’t be that person anymore, you’re not…you can still be my “guardian angel” at work, but…you can’t jeopardize your life now—your marriage—every time I need rescuing. And, among everything…SD-6, my mother, the Covenant, Sloane…you have become the one thing that I can’t handle. I can’t move on. But I need to.”
“I need to, Vaughn.” (Sydney begins to walk away)
“I’m thinking about leaving Lauren.”

End credits

Opening scene (next episode):

Vaughn and Sydney are each sitting on opposite benches. Both are slumped back and it becomes evident, as the camera moves in, that they are still at the same place they were last seen, only their positions have changed. It appears that neither has said anything for awhile. Vaughn looks at Syd and looks down. Syd looks at Vaughn and looks down. Syd looks at Vaughn again and speaks.
“So, how do we talk about this?”
“I don’t know. I haven’t said that out loud before.”
“Okay, so can I just say, I think that after all that’s happened, with that last mission and what I said, you’re reacting emotionally…it was inappropriate for me to say that. You know that you need to think about what it is you’re saying…”
“Of course I’m reacting emotionally, has there been any other way with us? I have been thinking about this, more than I ever wanted to, longer than I ever wanted to. And what I’m thinking isn’t going away.”
“You just said you’ve never said that out loud before…you obviously have doubts.”
“Because I’m not that guy. What I’m talking about is leaving my wife. My wife. I don’t want to hurt Lauren, but God, Syd, what do I do? This isn’t working.”
“That’s what I’m saying, maybe it would be better…”
“It wouldn’t be better if you weren’t in my life, if that’s what you were going to say. Is that really an option you want to consider?”
“I know that you can move on, you’ve done it…”
“Damn it, but there was nothing I could do about it then. But now that I know you’re still somewhere, I will spend every day of my life wondering where you are, if you’re in trouble, if your life is in danger, if I can help you out of it in some way. I can do that now. And if I live like that, every day, is it fair to Lauren?”
“This is your marriage, Vaughn. Eventually, if we moved on, it would save both of our messed up lives. In time…”
“With time, I never learned to stop loving you.” Sydney begins crying. Nothing is said for awhile until Vaughn finally sighs. “The worst thing is that, when days like today happen, when all that we’re dealing with goes over the edge, I know that you go home, and I can’t be there.” Sydney nods her head.
“I wish that you could be there.”
“Do you? Because you’re trying to convince me to just forget that we feel this way, so what I’m saying, I feel like I’m just crazy. Am I?”
“No! No.” Sydney laughs sadly. “God, what was your life before me like? Normal? Secure?”
“It must have been insanely boring.” (Sydney smiles, but isn’t convinced).
“I don’t expect you to run into my arms about this, Sydney. I know that I got married and that still hurts you.”
“When I got back, from those 2 years, you hardly said anything to me. The crazy thing was, I had no time to think about how I would expect you to be when I returned, because I didn’t know I had been gone. But after I thought about it, it wasn’t the way I thought it would be. Everything was so different.”
“And it hurt you.”
“I can’t blame you for moving on.”
“You didn’t deserve to go through that though. After everything that happened. You didn’t deserve it. I should go, this is more than you needed today.” (Vaughn begins to leave. Sydney watches after him, obviously fighting with herself to say something.)
“Wait! I…this is exactly what I needed today. I just, I don’t know what to say. We’ll talk soon, okay?”
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