Straight To Tv (why, oh why!)


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whats the point in making a film so bad that it goes straight to tv. i mean, it doesn't even have "scifi channel productions" in it's credits either!

Deep Evil (TV Movie 2004) - IMDb

and a really funny troll discussion in their boards here! :

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SW ep3 better be good after we are getting insulted with this rubbish as fillers between the good stuff!

(check out the main actor in this feature!!! Lorenzo Lamas
i mean, Lorenzo...................Lamas!!! get it? :smiley:)


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The number of movies that the general public never sees is staggering. Every few years or so I seem to stumble upon articles that deal with movies that were completed but will never see the light of day because of contract disputes, copyright disputes, salary disputes, quality disputes, or any number of other reasons.

Heck, there is actually a Fantastic 4 movie sitting in a vault that was made a few years ago for no other reason than the fact that the rights to the FF4 movies would've reverted back to the original owners if the studio currently with the rights didn't make a movie within so many years. The studios solution was to make a b-grade FF4 movie and then shelve it so that a few years later they can make a better quality version (the one that's currently filming with Jessica Alba).

And, besides, if you watch a lot of bad movies you'd know that Lamas, Shannon Tweed, and Lou Diamon Phillips are major stars in the b-movie world! :D


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mmmmmm, jessica alba, mmmmmmmmmm

anyhow, i watched this appalling film today and it's not as bad as the reviews going round.

i broke the movie down into story, script, acting, choice of actors, direction.

the story is good scifi, the actors are our of their league and any sex scene (breasts out on show) and butch female postering in action scenes i feel only detract what the actors are capable of. the direction was bad in camerawork, sometimes with too many angle changes, plus the camera seating positions being just wrong in a lot of cases.

the aliens were handled pretty well i guess, the effects there were fine.

the film almost reaches the right point, it just needed a better script where incorrect details were put forward, not very science fact. and we are still waiting for some better scifi fanatical directors to come up through the ranks and start serving us!