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An Old Friend

I stream movies & TV shows on the internet. I can't afford cable and the antenna is useless where I live.

I do however, Pay for Internet Access. Every month I pay $50 for access to the World Wide Web.
I can view anything from pictures to literature to movies to music sites. As long as there is no additional fee the site is included in my monthy purchase. I paid to see it. Yes, I even paid to see the CoolSciFi website.

The way I see it. As long as you are not trying to make money or steal someone elses work for your own, and you paid to see it, Why can't you watch or listen to the content?

When I load an artists webpage and I view their works I am not stealing their work. If I tell someone about the website and show them a picture as an example, I am advertising for the artist. I am attempting to drive viewers to their website. I am promoting their works. If anything they should be paying me for promoting their sites. If nobody knows about something and you show them are you not doing the creator a service?

Moving On:
When I turn on the radio, as a listener, I get to hear music for the price of some electricity or batteries and the cost of a reciever. I don't get a bill for each song I heard. I don't pay a fee for the station. If I choose, I can record anything I want anytime I want. For my own personal use. As long as I don't attempt to make money or claim the song as my own, I am not violating anyones rights. When I go to Last.FM or Pandora I can listen to music. The music I want to hear. I can find music videos on YouTube easily. I can record them and play them to my hearts content as long as I don't try to make money from them or try to take ownership of them.
If I gave you all my CDs that I have collected all these years and didn't ask for nor accept a single penny, I am still not violating anyones work. What you do with them after you have possession is on you.

And Continuing...
When you load up a website, As far as I know, You are downloading it to your browser cache. You are also uploading your cookies to them. Technically, everything you view on the internet is downloaded. Your browser cache gets purged when you close it but you still downloaded it. Do you own it. Technically yes while it is in your cache it is yours. The content isn't tho, That still belongs to the creator.
Have you ever saved a webpage for offline viewing? Thats downloading. You can send that page by email to your friend, Edit elements out of it and add things to it. It's yours. As long as you don't republish the page as your own or try to make money from it there is no violation.

Moving Along:
When you visit a website that has links to streaming movies that website is not stealing someone elses work. It is but an index to sources of host providers that stream files. As long as you are not being charged for the right to click the link they are not in any violation of any laws. You may choose to click thru or not.
When you visit a host provider and see the streaming video awaiting you to click to play the movie or show you are still not stealing anything. When you click play and let it buffer and the movie starts to play, you are not stealing anything. You are viewing content on the world wide web and you paid to do so when you paid your access fee. You can download the content for offline viewing just like any other webpage. As long as you don't attempt to sell it or call it your own you violate nothing.

Copyright Violation:
The violation comes into affect when a streaming host or other host provider attempts to make money off someone elses work or attempts to steal creativity from someone. If you are being asked to pay for the right to view or download the provider is making money from it. When the provider makes money from the ads generated by site hits it is in violation. You are not making any money. They are.



An Old Friend
What you need to watch a movie on the web

An internet connection
A browser (I like FireFox)
Flash and/or Divx web player plug-in
Browser cache set to a high limit
A high speed internet speed (not Dial-up)
A streaming source
An ad blocking program or extention/plug-in


Adobe Flash or Shockwave Be sure to uncheck the additional McAfee software option
Java Be sure to remove old versions of Java

You can use IE, Chrome or Opera but why anyone would use anything but FireFox is beyond me.

What to do

Use a link site (be aware that sometimes it is difficult to know what to click and you need ad blocking because you will get ads without it. I don't get any ads. I use ad block)
Find a movie you want to watch
Click the link to the stream
Click Play on the player
When the movie starts to play click pause and let it buffer a bit
Click play and watch the movie. (Most players have the ability to go full screen)

Thats really all there is to it. If you like the movie you may want to consider buying it for your collection.
If you don't like the movie you just saved yourself some money by screening it before you bought it.
With the Speculative Fiction Genre there are many more bad movies than there are good ones.


An Old Friend
Here are a few
Movie Link Providers

There are usually ads so have ad blocking software running.
You can join for free and that sometimes reduces the ads too.
Never download anything. No plug-ins, software or anything EXE.
If you need a plug-in update use the plug-in site I referenced above
If you are not sure - don't click it.
A mouse-over on the link should show you the link destination

I use {...} for a lot of my movie links
WatchFreeMovies | LetMeWatchThis - Watch Free Movies Online

I stay away from CAM versions as these are often unwatchable and will spoil the experience
I also stay away from TS versions. These are usually cam copies with telesynced audio
Any other version including DVD and HD or BR are great to watch.

You click the picture of the movie or TV show you want to see.
You click the word version# to go to the stream
Putlocker, {...}, {...} (divx), {...} and so on are the streaming hosts but you click the word version.
When the website loads you will see "proceed to video" or similar
Once the video player loads click play and after it buffers watch it.

TellyShack is another site but slightly different.

You click the picture to go to the movie or TV show
When that page loads you have the players on that page or a link to the stream
TellyShack has an issue with dead links so its harder to find a stream

There are tons of link sites out there and as you become used to the process you will find your favorites.

Now, Just to get you started Here is one movie:


WatchFreeMovies | LetMeWatchThis - Watch Free Movies Online

Version 10 {...}.ws
Version 3 {...}


These Are BlueRay Versions​


Code Monkey
Staff member
While I know some who do it I personally don't. Not because of any particular pious reason but simply because our household has a great cable TV package with FiOS and also have a Netflix subscription. Those channels usually don't get movies as fast as... alternate... methods like those described above but my schedule for home & work usually works out to it not being a problem that it may be a few months before I can see a movie like Godzilla.


An Old Friend
I agree, If you have the resources to allow you the luxury of other method by all means use them. It's your choice and always ok. Just know that you don't HAVE to wait months to see your favorite movie. You don't have to buy TV show series to see them back to back without commercials.

Everyone should always do what they feel comfortable with.
This is meant as a informative topic and a simple example.

Thanx for the feedback!