stuff i read since last half of '08 that i recommend


I've read some really good stuff lately. new and old. At least one book i read last year really impressed me a whole lot. So much that im hesitant to read the sequel for fear of it probably not on par with the first. This book is M. John Harrison's Light.
I've raved about this book before so ill spare you, but I cant recommend enough that your give this one a read. As someone who reads almost 60 or 70 books a year, this one stood out above the rest.
This past year i also read:
Grey by first time novelist Jon Armstorng. An inventive, hard to classify read. a definite powerhouse of a first effort. Bruce Sterling, Brian Aldiss and Phil Dick fands will like this one.
Eon and Strength Of Stones by Greg Bear: These were written in the 80's, but Eon, at least, could have been written last week. The concepts in this book are intense, what with that whole 'super advanced tech. indistinguishable from magic' thing going on. And Strength of Stones i just finished, a unique book with well executed religous themes. I dig Greg Bear a whole lot, starting with a short story i read of his called Hardfought
Camoflauge by Joe Haldeman: this was the first i've read of Haldeman and I was thoroughly impressed. The book is one of those genre transcendent jobs that is both accessible to the occaisonal SF reader, and pleasingly technical enough to satisfy the hardest Hard SF fan. A well structured book. i look foward to checking out other stuff by Haldeman.
Well I gotta run, but I think i said enough anyway, so ill shut my piehole. but i do hope somebody will check out these books