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Stupid Laws

Discussion in 'Open Chat' started by Tommy, Dec 21, 2002.

  1. Tommy

    Tommy Seeing A Ghost

    Nov 22, 2002
    Okay, here are a list of stupid laws in my state (WV):

    # If you wear a hat inside a theater, you may be fined.

    # Roadkill may be taken home for supper.

    # No children may attend school with their breath smelling of "wild onions."

    # Doctors and dentists may not place a woman under anesthesia unless a third person is present.

    # It is illegal to snooze on a train.

    # According to the state constitution, it is unlawful for anyone to own a red or a black flag.

    # When a railroad passes within 1 mile of a community of 100 or more people in it, they must build a station and stop there regularly to pick up and drop off passengers.

    # Whistling underwater is prohibited.

    # One may not walk a lion, tiger or leopard, even on a leash.

    Nicholas County
    # No member of the clergy is allowed to tell jokes or humorous stories from the pulpit during a church service.

    # Firemen may not whistle or flirt at any woman passing a firehouse.

    # It is legal to beat your wife so long as it is done in public on Sunday, on the courthouse steps.

    Here's the link to find stupid laws in your state: (please post them)

  2. AliasALIAS

    AliasALIAS Guest

    Los Angeles
    Toads may not be licked.

    You may not hunt moths under a street light.

    It is a crime for dogs to mate within 500 yards of a church. Breaking this law is punishable by a fine of $500 and/or six months in prison. (I wonder who the fine goes to if the owner isn't present)

    You cannot bathe two babies in the same tub at the same time.

    Zoot suits are prohibited.

    It is illegal to cry on the witness stand.

    It is illegal for a man to beat his wife with a strap wider than 2 inches without her consent. (So 1 inch is ok? That's just wrong)

    It is illegal to drive more than two thousand sheep down Hollywood Boulevard at one time.
  3. AliasALIAS

    AliasALIAS Guest

    More in So. Cal
    (Who makes these laws, especially this next one)

    Pacific Grove
    Molesting butterflies can result in a $500 fine.

    One may not carry a lunch down the street between 11 and 1 o'clock.

    Long Beach
    It is illegal to curse on a mini-golf course.

    Cars are the only item allowed in a garage.

    Nothern Cal
    San Francisco
    Persons classified as "ugly" may not walk down any street.

    Prohibits elephants from strolling down Market Street unless they are on a leash.

    It is illegal to pile horse manure more than six feet high on a street corner.

    It is illegal to wipe one's car with used underwear.
  4. Aliasfix

    Aliasfix Beloved Non-TwitFace

    Dec 8, 2002
    California Crazy Law

    Sunshine is guaranteed to the masses. :sun: (and no, that doesn't mean me!)

    Animals are banned from mating publicly within 1,500 feet of a tavern, school, or place of worship. :o

    Many animals are illegal to own as pets, including snails, sloths, and elephants.

    No vehicle without a driver may exceed 60 miles per hour. :blink:

    Women may not drive in a house coat.

    It is a misdemeanor to shoot at any kind of game from a moving vehicle, unless the target is a whale.

    You are not permitted to wear cowboy boots unless you already own at least two cows. :LOL:

    It is illegal to spit, except on baseball diamonds. (Can't spit on the sidewalk in my town either!) ;)

    Ice cream may not be eaten while standing on the sidewalk. (Repealed when Clint Eastwood was mayor)

    Detonating a nuclear device within the city limits results in a $500 fine. (Good luck collecting that fine.)

    It is illegal to own or sell "Silly String". :(

    San Jose
    It is illegal to have more than two cats or dogs. -Ord. 7.08.595 (Jonathan, this means you!)

    Edited 'cause AliasALIAS beat me to it and posted a lot of the good ones already! (y) :D
  5. Tommy

    Tommy Seeing A Ghost

    Nov 22, 2002
    Zoot suit riot, RIOT! Throw back a bottle of beer...

    Did someone mention beer? Uh oh, here comes Celsie :run:
  6. Tommy

    Tommy Seeing A Ghost

    Nov 22, 2002

    That wouldn't be pretty :wacky:
  7. fatcharlie

    fatcharlie Rocket Ranger

    Dec 20, 2002
    who the hell makes these rules??? :blink:
  8. I have a whole book of dumb laws... maybe I'll post some. But in the meantime...

    Ohio Crazy Law

    -It is illegal to mistreat anything of great importance.

    -Owners of tigers must notify authorities within one hour if the tiger escapes.

    -It is illegal to fish for whales on Sunday.

    -Women are prohibited from wearing patent leather shoes in public.

    -It is illegal to get a fish drunk.

    -The Ohio driver's education manual states that you must honk the horn whenever you pass another car.

    -No one may be arrested on Sunday or on the Fourth of July.

    -Participating or conducting a duel is prohibited.

    -Breast feeding is not allowed in public.

    -In Ohio, if you ignore an orator on Decoration day to such an extent as to publicly play croquet or pitch horseshoes within one mile of the speaker's stand, you can be fined $25.00.

    -It is illegal for more than five women to live in a house.

    Bay Village

    -It is illegal to walk a cow down Lake Road.


    -Ordinance number 223, of 09/09/19 prohibits the installation and usage of slot machines in outhouses.

    Clinton County

    -Any person who leans against a public building will be subject to fines.


    -It's illegal to catch mice without a hunting license!

    -Women are forbidden from wearing patent leather shoes, lest men see reflections of their underwear.


    -It is illegal for stores to sell corn flakes on Sunday.

    Fairview Park

    -It's against the law to honk your horn "excessively". A grandmother was fined for honking her horn twice at her neighbor.

    -Items left on a tree lawn become city property. A young man was fined for removing an item from a tree lawn even though he had the owner's permission.


    -Cross-dressing is against the law.


    -Any map that does not have Lima clearly stated on the map cannot be sold.


    -It is unlawful to run a horse over five miles per hour.


    -You cannot eat a doughnut and walk backwards on a city street.

    North Canton

    -It is against the law to roller skate without notifying the police.


    -Your goose may not paraded down Main Street.


    -It's illegal for a woman to strip off her clothing while standing in front of a man's picture.


    -A policeman may bite a dog to quiet him.


    -Throwing a snake at anyone is illegal.


    -Catch 22 is banned.


    -Riding on the roof of a taxi cab is not allowed.

    -You may not run out of gas.

    And the sad part is... to make a law, someone usually has to do what you're banning... :LOL:
  9. Tiger<O>

    Tiger<O> Rocket Ranger

    Dec 21, 2002
    Somewhere near Boston
    Well, I live in Massachussets, Land of Harvard, MIT, and New England Clam Chowder, so of course we have some pretty stupid laws:

    Massachusetts Crazy Law
    Children may smoke, but they may not purchase cigarettes.

    Taxi drivers are prohibited from making love in the front seat of their taxi during their shifts.

    Affiliation with the Communist party is illegal.
    That's right, no commies in liberal mass/ -_-

    No gorilla is allowed in the back seat of any car.
    Sorry, Jojo -_-

    Bullets may not be used as currency.

    Alcoholic drink specials are illegal.

    Massachusetts liquor stores can only open on Sundays if they are in Berkshire, Essex, Franklin, Middlesex or Worcester counties and are within 10 miles of the Vermont or New Hampshire borders.

    It's illegal to drive Texan, Mexican, Cherokee, or Indian cattle on a public road. (MGL Chapter 129 Section 35)

    Tomatoes may not be used in the production of clam chowder.
    That'll show all those New Yorkers on Nantucket! :rolleyes:

    Hunting on Sundays is prohibited.

    It is illegal to go to bed without first having a full bath.

    At a wake, mourners may eat no more than three sandwiches.

    Public boxing matches are outlawed.

    It is unlawful to injure a football goal post, doing so is punishable by a $200 fine.

    It's illegal to keep a mule on the second floor of a building not in a city unless there are 2 exits. (MGL Chapter 272 section 86)
    Good to know... :blink:

    It's illegal to sell fewer than 24 ducklings at a time before May 1, or to sell rabbits, chicks, or ducklings that have been painted a different color. (MGL Chapter 272 Section 80D)

    It's illegal to allow someone to use stilts while working on the construction of a building. (MGL Chapter 149 Section 129B)

    Defacing a milk carton is punishable by a $10 fine.

    It is illegal to frighten a pigeon.
    Boo! :woot:

    An old ordinance declares goatees illegal unless you first pay a special license fee for the privilege of wearing one in public.

    All men must carry a rifle to church on Sunday. (Repealed)

    Tattooing and body piercing is illegal. (Repealed October 2000)
    You'd be surprised how many tattoo parlors and piercing places sprang right after this was repealed ;)

    Quakers and witches are banned.
    have they been to Salem lately?? :rolleyes:

    Snoring is prohibited unless all bedroom windows are closed and securely locked.

    It is illegal to reproach Jesus Christ or the holy ghost. (MGL Chapter 272 section 36)

    No one may take a bath without a prescription.
    I hope these folks never watched Ally Mcbeal

    It is illegal for any citizen to own more than three dogs.

    An old law prohibits the taking of baths on Sunday.

    Duels to the death permitted on the common on Sundays provided that the Governor is present.
    Swords or Pistols?

    Women may not wear heels over 3 inches in length while on the common.

    Anyone may let their sheep and cows graze in the public gardens/commons at any time except Sundays.

    No more than two baths may be taken within the confines of the city.

    No one may cross the Boston Common without carrying a shotgun in case of bears.
    After all, the bear population is so huge :rolleyes:

    It is illegal to play the fiddle.
    Uh-oh :unsure:

    Two people may not kiss in front of a church.

    It is illegal to eat peanuts in church.

    You may not walk around with a "drink".

    It is illegal to shake carpets in the street, or to throw orange peels on the sidewalk (section 12.16.100).

    It costs $50 extra for a permit for hurling, soccer or Gaelic football games in a public park on a Sunday. (section 12.20.030)

    You may not have colored lights on your house if it can be seen from Main Street. Only white lights may be visible.

    If you live on Main Street and want to paint your house, the colors must be approved by the historical society.
    Eleanor Roosevelt drove down Main St. in Hingham once and said it was the prettiest street in America. They say you can get it approved by the historical society, but they only approve one color: White :rolleyes:

    Though horses and cows are allowed on the common, dogs are prohibited.

    It is illegal for two men to carry a bathtub across the town green.

    One may not detonate a nuclear device in the city.
    Why, that's just un-american! Who can live without detonating nuclear devices on a regular basis! -_-

    Silly string is illegal in the city limits.

    It is illegal for any citizen to own more than two dogs.

    It is illegal to buy, sell or possess a squirt gun.

    Peeping in the windows of automobiles is forbidden.

    All families must be given a hog from the town's mayor.

    North Andover
    An ordinance prohibits the use of space guns.

    In bars, it is actually illegal to "walk around" with a beer in your hand. (Repealed)
  10. Tiger<O>

    Tiger<O> Rocket Ranger

    Dec 21, 2002
    Somewhere near Boston
    After all, there are so many whales in Ohio. ;)
  11. Of course... you know... they migrate during the summer up the Mississippi and into the Ohio River. :D
  12. x Bunny x

    x Bunny x Scout

    Dec 20, 2002
    Indiana. -sigh-
    Indiana Crazy Law

    One man may not back into a parking spot becasue it prevents police officers from seeing the license plate.

    Baths may not be taken between the months of October and March.

    All males 18 to 50 years old must work six days a year on public roads.

    Mustaches are illegal if the bearer has a tendency to habitually kiss other humans.

    Hotel sheets must be exactly 99 inches long and 81 inches wide.

    State government officials who engage in private duels can be dismissed from their post.

    Drinking from your own bottle in a bar can lead to your arrest.
    (So.. uh.. whose bottle do you drink from?)

    A man over the age of 18 may be arrested for statutory rape if the passenger in his car is not wearing her socks and shoes, and is under the age of 17.

    It is illegal to sell cars on Sunday.
    (^^; I knew that already. I feel so smart.)

    Drinks on the house are illegal.

    It is illegal for a liquor store to sell cold soft drinks.

    A person who dyes, stains, or otherwise alters the natural coloring of a bird or rabbit commits a Class B misdemeanor. (Ind. Code 15-2.1-21-13(b)

    Smoking in the state legislature building is banned, except when the legislature is in session.

    Liquor stores may not sell milk.

    Check forgery can be punished with public flogging up to 100 stripes.

    Grocery stores may not sell any type of cold liquor.

    You can get out of paying for a dependent's medical care by praying for him/her.

    Pedestrians crossing the highway at night are prohibited from wearing tail lights.

    No one may catch a fish with his bare hands.

    Men are prohibited from standing in a bar.

    You are not allowed to carry a cocktail from the bar to a table. The waiter or waitress has to do it.

    "Spiteful Gossip" and "talking behind a person's back" are illegal.

    You are required to pour your drink into a glass.

    It is against the law to pass a horse on the street.
    (Ha! I knew that too!)

    If any person has a puppet show, wire dancing or tumbling act in the state of Indiana and receives money for it, they will be fined $3 under the Act to Prevent Immoral Practices.

    Anyone 14 or older who profanely curses, damns or swears by the name of God, Jesus Christ or the Holy Ghost, shall be fined one to three dollars for each offense, with a maximum fine of ten dollars per day.

    A three dollar fine per pack will be imposed on anyone playing cards in Indiana under the Act for the Prevention of Gaming.

    The value of Pi is 4, and not 3.1415. (Repealed)

    It is illegal to bike, roller-skate, skateboard, or inline skate in a commercially zoned area. For these offesnses, there is a fine of no more than $5 or the impounding of one's bicycle for a period not to exceed 30 days.

    Beech Grove
    It is forbidden to eat watermelon in the park.

    It is illegal for barbers to threaten to cut off kid's ears.
    (And I knew that one!)

    While driving on Main Street you may not have your lights on.

    Fort Wayne
    You may not sell or play on a radio broadcast, the record "It`s In the Book".

    Within four hours of eating garlic, a person may not enter a movie house, theater, or ride a public streetcar.

    South Bend
    It is illegal to make a monkey smoke a cigarette.

    Terre Haute
    No one may spit on the sidewalk.
  13. mga1999

    mga1999 Ensign

    Dec 20, 2002
    And now for my insane state... Guess you can blame it on the heat here!

    Arizona Crazy Law

    You may not have more than two dildos in a house.

    Any misdemeanor committed while wearing a red mask is considered a felony. This goes back in the days of the Wild West.

    Looking for more dumb laws? Check out DumbLaws.com!
    There is a possible 25 years in prison for cutting down a cactus.

    When being attacked by a criminal or burglar, you may only protect yourself with the same weapon that the other person posseses.

    Hunting camels is prohibited.

    Donkeys cannot sleep in bathtubs.

    It is unlawful to refuse a person a glass of water.

    Cars may not be driven in reverse.

    Cards may not be played in the street with a Native American.

    If you bother the cottontails or bullfrogs, you will be fined.

    Maricopa County
    No more than six girls may live in any house.

    It is illegal to smoke cigarettes within 15 feet of a public place unless you have a Class 12 liqueur license.

    Mohave County
    A decree declares that anyone caught stealing soap must wash himself with it until it is all used up.

    An ordinance prohibits the wearing of suspenders.

    No one is permitted to ride their horse up the stairs of the county court house.

    Women may not wear pants.

    It is illegal for men and women over the age of 18 to have less than one missing tooth visible when smiling.
  14. Midnight24

    Midnight24 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 20, 2002
    Dumb Wisconsin Laws
    At one time, margarine was illegal.

    As people used to smuggle it in from Illinois, all yellow butter substitute is banned.

    You must manually flush all urinals in a building.

    While all cheese making requires a license, Limburger cheese making requires a master cheese maker's license.

    Whenever two trains meet at an intersection of said tracks, neither shall proceed until the other has.

    State Law made it illegal to serve apple pie in public restaurants without cheese. (We actually have a sign about that at work, lmao)

    Citizens may not murder their enemies.

    It is illegal to cut a woman's hair.

    It is illegal to kiss on a train.

    Butter substitutes are not allowed to be served in state prisons.

    Car dealerships cannot sell cars on Sunday.

    No male is allowed to be in a state of arousal in public.

    La Crosse
    You cannot "worry a squirrel." (I don't wanna know)

    It is illegal to display an unclothed mannequin in a store window.

    It is illegal to tie up your horse along Third Street (Now a major bar strip).

    It is illegal to play checkers in public.

    If one is thought of as offensive looking, it is illegal for him to be in public during the day.

    An old ordinance forbids parking for over two hours unless a horse is tied to the car.

    It is against the law to play a flute and drums on the streets to attract attention.

    It is illegal to purchase or use Sparklers in the city, yet you can buy fully disassembled automatic machine guns.

    Women may not walk down a public street at night without being accompanied by a man.

    It is illegal to wake a fireman when he is asleep.

    St. Croix
    Women are not allowed to wear anything red in public.
  15. Tiger<O>

    Tiger<O> Rocket Ranger

    Dec 21, 2002
    Somewhere near Boston
    There goes my trip to the dairy state :LOL:
  16. Tommy

    Tommy Seeing A Ghost

    Nov 22, 2002
    Sad thing is, I've seen people doing this -_-
  17. CLCgolfca

    CLCgolfca Rocket Ranger

    Dec 20, 2002
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    Sure it does!!! ;)
  18. Tiger<O>

    Tiger<O> Rocket Ranger

    Dec 21, 2002
    Somewhere near Boston
    Ma! I's got skunk a la 18 Wheeler for supper! :wacky:
  19. Midnight24

    Midnight24 Rocket Ranger

    Dec 20, 2002
    Tommy, I've seen people do that here, :shamefullyembarrased:
  20. CLCgolfca

    CLCgolfca Rocket Ranger

    Dec 20, 2002
    Nova Scotia, Canada
    How sad... :( I guess there's no stupid laws in Canada!! ... :D! heeheehee

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