Music Suggest MP3 Rippers?


Code Monkey
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The wife got a 2gb MP3 player for Christmas so the next step is ripping some of her CD collection to MP3 format.

It has been a few years since I converted any of the CD collection... at the time I was using MusicMatch way before it was sold out to Yahoo.

So what is current recommended Windows solution for ripping CDs to MP3 format? I would be looking for something that can handle at least 196K and CBR (some players do not play nice with VBR files).

Thanks :smiley:
So, any thoughts on this one? Bueller? Besides the wife's new player, I just ordered a shiny new toy for myself as well. Hopefully will be here in for the weekend.
I use Jetaudio as my primary music player and it has a good conversion tool built in that will do the job nicely. It isn't free though.

I presume there are some freeware tools out there now, but don't know them offhand.
Well, some may cringe but I'm using Windows Media Player.

I got a Zune 120 for myself and when you install the Zune client software it adds the codecs needed to rip in WMP up to 320kbs in MP3 format using CBR.

Not the slickest client out there but it works.