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Discussion in 'Alias' started by Lynne, Dec 2, 2002.

  1. Lynne

    Lynne Rocket Ranger

    Dec 1, 2002
    Alias – 12-1-2002 – Part I

    Syds afraid that Sark might know that she and Dad are Double-Agents from Irina, Spy-Mom! :-(

    Sark now part of SD-6 team… Dixon is extremely upset … about a “Terrorist” being on the team … Syds says I second that… :-(

    Spy Mom and Syd moment – (Sydney says Mom did you tell Sark that I was a Double-Agent – Mom says absolutely not Syd what you take me for – ‘turn-coat’)… (Oh by the way Mom thanks for saving my one and only “true-love” Vaughn – Mom says don’t mention honey… I cannot stand in the course of “true-love”) :-D LOL

    Mom warns though it still may not be safe for Syd at SD-6 with Sark being part of the team… :-(

    Mother offers her services in getting communication codes that Sark and Sloane want for SD-6… she asks Sydney to ask the CIA to let her go to accomplish this mission…but she cannot reveal anything but a need to know because she doesn’t trust the CIA … didn’t they just try to execute me a couple of weeks ago etc… :-(

    FBI director who has somehow become head of the CIA operation – (cannot figure that one out I always thought it was the CIA and then FBI and they were separate areas but I guess they work together when it comes to “Terrorist” now since 9-11)!

    FBI director says “NO NO NO and NO” … Sydney you get the codes alone etc…

    Meanwhile back to our poor twisted Sloane … he gets a call regarding his wife, Emily, “we got her” caller black mailing Sloane … “we know you didn’t execute her as you told the Alliance” (Who is this third party???)

    Sloane later gets a package with a finger in it with what looks like an engagement/wedding ring … (Is this suppose to be “Emily’s finger”? … this show has a thing with cutting fingers off the body … don’t they! Gruesome!!!) :-(

    Dixon and Sydney on a Mission together again (it has been a long time Dixon … how’s things going) Syd looking like a corpse as a cover for Dixon to get the codes… [Sydney dear aren’t you taking a big risk in not being embalmed by the enemy… you certainly like to play ‘Russian Roulette’ Syd you must get that from Spy-Mom];-)

    Sydney in the Morgue … gets up to gets finger prints from a corpse… Fight scene Syd escapes…

    Will “Project Christmas” and Vaughn moment… tells Vaughn found evidence of 5 Million children affected in the US … Vaughn tells him he off the case… that the FBI feels he is a security risk (Poor Will now what will he do with himself … ) Vaughn wants to pay him $700 … Will says too much for the time I spent on the case I only want to be paid for the time I spent on it… etc…(Will is just an honest stand-up guy… nice guy’s finish last… well I am not sure I believe that one but it is the saying anyway):)

    Sydney and Will moment… Syd is upset … Will say (Ok Syd fess up … what’s eating you…) Sydney looks sadly at Will “Sark is working as part of the team of SD-6”

    Will wants to kill Sark (understandable after what Sark did to him) … Syd says no ask about his work with Vaughn … “He fire me” :-(

    Next scene with Vaughn and Syd … (how come) Vaughn says it is unfortunate I wanted to do more for him … he seems like a real nice guy etc…

    Then the real touching moment with Syd a kind-a confession…

    “My Father gave me a watch it is broken now… use to keep perfect time… when he gave it to me he said you can set your heart by this watch… it stopped Oct 1st “the day I met you” … long pauses and interesting eye contact here… [I think this is Vaughn’s way of saying my heart stop on this day we met or that his heart belongs to her, Sydney] Of course then they are interrupted called back to CIA before Sydney can respond or even comprehend the meaning of this admission from Vaughn… :) ;-)

    Now the FBI/CIA find out the codes mean that there are Warheads – SD-6 possesses – 6 missiles and they need to be retrieved!!!

    Now the FBI director says Spy Mom you got to lead us to them… what does Spy Mom say to FBI … (NO NO NO and NO… you had your chance you blew it Mister)

    Sydney convinces her to do it because if she doesn’t then Sydney would be forced to do it alone and then be in danger etc…(Since Spy Mom is such a loving and considerate Mother … she says alright darling for you…because I love you so much!!!) :-D LOL

    But Sydney does say to Mom “I need you and ask for her help” – Spy Mom seems to be touched by this admission from Sydney!

    Jack and Spy Mom, Irina, moment… puts a necklace on her … has explosive … “if you try to escape Jack says I blow your head off” (Mom smiles at him … like I love you to “darling”… you are just too thoughtful, Jack!) LOL

    Jack is head of the team… Spy Family Team… Sydney, Jack – Spy-Dad, and Irina, Spy-Mom – (just one big happy family folks out for a Thanksgiving vacation);-)

    Will gives Vaughn free info on Project Christmas … (Will is just too good of guy … Vaughn will probably make him best man at the Wedding)

    Back with our favorite Spy Family… Syd plays a spoiled brat… who rather be in Miami during Spring Break … (love the Bubble Gum and Playing with her Hair bit looks real flaky) And Jack and Spy Mom are a loving couple Spy Mom even aces it with a Kiss to Spy Dad… (Bet Jack just loves that probably gargles for an hour with some ‘Scotch’)!!! ;-)

    Spy Mom undresses in front of Jack and he has a reaction “sexual tension” Irina is pleased she still has an affect on Jack in that way… (why Laura-Irina you kept your figure all these years… good condition for your age… what is your secret …….. pause…. Dear – Let’s do it for all times sake!!!) :-D LOL

    Spy Family in action getting off the Train to a Bridge for the Warheads … Mom and Dad fight… (Syd says I can’t stand it anymore …I’m jumping …this is just the last straw …good buy gruel world … I’m jumping!!!) :-D LOL

    In fact, she is the first to jump then Jack pushes Irina off the Train (probably disappointed that her parachute opens) then Jack jumps … they parachute to safety… :)

    They meet their contact…need to get into a Prison Camp … get the Nuclear Missiles… trap … Terrorists… they are captured… the contact is killed by the Terrorist

    Jack and Mom exchange glances yes it got to be … she takes the necklace off and Jack throws it into the Terrorists as a distraction … Shoot-out … Spy Family and Terrorist… of course our Spy Family prevail and kill the Terrorists… :)

    Now the question is how to do they get out of the “Enemy’s country” … Cliff Hanger for this episode … tune in for next weeks episode Part II of our “Family of Spies”!!! ;-)

    Very exciting episode I like the family spying together… lots of tension and suspense… seeing them all as a team and it was believable with the inner fighting and tension between “Mom and Dad”!!! ;-)

    Don’t touch that Dial – tune in next week for another exciting episode of “Alias”… ;-)

    Next week … “Father and Daughter” must stop Mother’s Betrayal to get out alive and back to the CIA with the Missiles in one piece! (Now this doesn’t surprise me one bit… of course Mom’s going to betray them… she is “Bad” with a capital ‘B’… She is the “Earth’s Destruction” at least according to Rambaldi’s prophecy!!! :)

    Enjoy your evening and day! :) :-D

  2. clarissima

    clarissima Rocket Ranger

    Jan 8, 2003
    It's a lovely recap. This is what I like to reread when I don't have time to watch the show over. (y)
  3. Intel

    Intel Rocket Ranger

    Jan 12, 2003
    That's a funny recap :LOL: entertaining w/ the lil tidbits

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