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Season 2 Summary

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 8, 2002.

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  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    AllAlias.com Summary of Passage, Part 2

    Previously on Alias, Sydney tells Irina she’ll be going on a mission to get the nukes and Jack comes along, giving Irina a necklace he can detonate to kill her if she misbehaves.

    NE[W] DELHI – the Spy family overtakes their attackers. In the morning, the Bristows start walking but Sydney scraped her knee. Both of the parents seem to have parental instinct and try to make a big deal out of her scrape.

    After climbing over a hillside, they are able to board a train. Inside the back of the train, Jack and Irina actually have a full nice conversation. While drinking liquor, it reminds them both of the toaster incident when Sydney was young where Jack was toasting bread but while drinking with Irina, he forgot about it (the toast) and the house got really smoky, forcing them to stay at hotel for a week.

    SRINA[G]AR – They meet Jack’s contact. Unfortunately, his main source of weapons recently died of a heart attack, so they could not get everything they needed. Still, Jack insist they not use Irina’s contact, even though Irina warns that the car could break down and they have a lot lower chances if . Sydney talks with Michael Vaughn on the phone and explains everything, saying while some families play minigolf, her family looks for nukes. Jack then tells Irina to make the ride in a grain bin because “they are looking for a three person team, and we will increase our chances if we alter our configuration”, as Jack puts it.

    A few hours later, the car breaks down. Irina gets out of the grain bin and remembers that this side of the base isn’t as protected by humans as it is by landmines.

    At SD-6, after talking with Sark, Sloane receives another call from a person claiming to have Emily. The caller wants bonds in exchange for Emily.

    Back in Kashmir, the birds are chirping. Jack tells everyone to be quiet – he hears something. Out of nowhere, attackers start shooting. During the shooting, Irina yells to Jack that she needs a gun. While he throws a gun to her, he is hit in the chest. Luckily, his (probably bullet-proof) vest caused him to be un-injured. Unfortunately, he fell back on a land mine. It didn’t explode, but Sydney and Irina had to work very carefully to disarm it.

    Vaughn gets permission from Kendall to go to see what’s up with the Bristows – but Kendall seems just to be trying to get rid of him.

    The family goes over their plans. They break up – that way they can get things done faster as they have little time. Jack goes to a computer center to override Curvee’s voice lock on a door with his own; Irina goes to Curvee’s office to disable security cameras, and Sydney goes to adjust the temperature of the lab to 98.6 degrees (Fahrenheit) so that the security system’s temperature reader can’t detect them.

    Sloane goes to the alliance. He informs them that someone has been calling him, and even sent Emily’s ring finger – and analysis shows that Emily was alive when the finger was cut off (but that research is not always correct, and anyways, is she alive now?). He suggests putting a tracking device in a liquid in the bonds.

    Sydney and Jack meet up. They don’t know where Irina is. They break into a secure room and Sydney begins deactivation using her codes. However, there is something missing. Sydney cannot complete deactivation. Suddenly, a group of guards and officials walks in – followed by Irina.

    Sloane is walking in a park with the bonds in a suitcase. Marshall is talking to him over a headset back at SD-6. Another one of his cool “gadgets” (although arguably not a gadget this week) was a liquid that acts as a tracking device. As the tracking dot on a screen back at SD-6 moves, Marshall does a happy dance. A cell phone rings, Sloane answers it, and is asked by the caller to leave the briefcase there and go buy a paper. Inside the paper are two Polaroid® photos of Emily with blood on her face. The package starts moving again – although this time it is not Sloane moving it. Marshall is very happy – until the signal from the briefcase is lost.

    Back with the Bristows, Jack and Irina are taken to cells. Sydney watches as from a distance, not able to hear, as Curvee (The KGB officer who gave Irina her assignment to marry a CIA officer) explains that Jack was not the only person Irina could have married, but he was an easy target. Irina then says that she had to pretend to be on Curvee’s side so that the mission would work – and while hitting him hands him keys to unlock himself. Jack unlocks himself and goes to Sydney. He explains that Irina, for now, seems to be on their side.

    Vaughn meets with an official from India, who says that they will not stop bombing, but he will give Vaughn a ride in a helicopter if he wishes – at his own risk.

    In the lab, the rebels are able to open a Rambaldi device – and inside find a yellow flower. Places swoop over the building and bomb it, and everyone runs for their lives. Irina kicks Curvee, and he points a gun at her. Then Jack gets Curvee from the back. They grab the flower and core and make it out of the building, finding Vaughn just arriving by helicopter. They get in the plane and get on their way.

    Back at the CIA, Vauhgn and Sydney meet. The flower is estimated at being between 400-600 years old. Vaughn then gives Sydney tickets to play miniature gulf. She takes the opportunity and plays with Will and Francie. Vaughn watches in the distance, and smiles.

    If I made any errors or forgot something, please PM me!

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  2. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    ABC.com Summary:

    At CIA headquarters, Vaughn learns of the PRF ambush on Sydney, Jack and Irina. Sending a rescue team is impossible, since doing so may instigate the Pakistanis. To make matters worse, Vaughn receives a memo stating that the nuclear warheads will be activated the next day at 1700 hours.

    The trio makes it to Srinagar and meets Jack's contact. Vaughn contacts Sydney and informs her of the nukes' impending activation. Sydney jokingly tells Vaughn that while some families go miniature golfing, her family hunts for nuclear warheads. Disguised as Pakistanis, they head for the PRF base in an old truck. Jack, under seemingly false pretenses, makes Irina hide in a grain bin stowed in the back. The cars stalls 10 miles from the base and they begin to walk. Irina informs them that the easiest entry into the base is via a sewage tunnel — beyond a minefield that she can navigate. Jack is dubious, but they have no choice.

    At SD-6, Sark tells Sloane that he's spoken with the leader of the PRF, Gerard Cuvee, who will upload the "results" to the server after the operation is done. Sloane then receives another mysterious call regarding his wife. A voice demands $100 million in bearer bonds within 24 hours. If Sloane fails to deliver, the voice says, the next delivery will go to the Alliance.

    Nearing the PRF facility, Sydney and company are again attacked. Jack this time gives Irina a gun and they repel the attackers. Jack, however, has fallen near a landmine; any movement would set it off. With Irina's guidance, Sydney defuses the device. Meanwhile, Vaughn discovers that the Indians have learned about the nukes and will launch airstrikes in 24 hours against the Pakistani rebels.

    Once inside the PRF HQ, Irina determines that the nukes will be in a secure R&D lab, protected by thermal sensors. They must split up, Irina says: she'll deactivate the security system from Cuvee's office, Sydney will raise the lab's temperature so they won't be detected when they enter, and Jack will patch into the voice-recognition system to open the doors. Jack, still skeptical of Irina, reluctantly agrees to the plan.

    Sloane meets with The Alliance, informing them that someone has interfered with his wife's assassination and is extorting him. He suggests that they cooperate with the blackmailer and put a tracking device on the bonds. Later, Sloane drops the bonds, which are being tracked by Marshall, at the specified location. To Marshall's dismay, the tracking signal is quickly lost.

    Jack and Sydney make it to the lab, only to find that the nukes' plutonium cores are gone. Suddenly, Cuvee enters 3 with Irina alongside! They're incarcerated, and a fearful Sydney watches Cuvee and Irina confront Jack. Cuvee says that years ago he gave Irina the assignment to marry a CIA officer. Irina tells Jack that the PRF has made a deal with Sark. When Cuvee leaves, Irina reveals to Jack that it's just an act, that she was caught and had to play along. She pistol-whips him, but secretly gives him keys to escape.

    Vaughn appeals to Indian authorities to delay the airstrikes. He's denied but is given the use of a helicopter to rescue his friends.

    Jack frees himself and Sydney, and tells her that Irina said the plutonium cores are being used to activate a Rambaldi artifact — one that, through self-sustaining cell regeneration, proves endless life. They contact Kendall and are told to vacate immediately because of the impending Indian airstrikes. Jack disobeys orders and tires to find Irina.

    They make it to the lab, where the PRF is using the cores to activate the artifact. As the airstrikes begin, the artifact opens up — revealing a flower. Jack and Irina, who was in the lab, overpower Cuvee. Vaughn arrives in the helicopter and spirits away Sydney, Jack and Irina.

    Back at the CIA, Irina returns to her cell and finds her reward — a fresh set of pillows and blankets. She explains to Syd that she shot her in Taipei to maintain her own cover. Later, Sydney learns from Vaughn that the flowers are 400-600 years old. Vaughn hands her something — tickets to go miniature golfing, which she does with Will and Francie while Vaughn observes from a distance.
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