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Season 2 Summary

Discussion in 'Alias' started by Azhria Lilu, Dec 12, 2002.

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  1. Azhria Lilu

    Azhria Lilu Rocket Ranger

    Nov 18, 2002
    Derbyshire, UK
    [intel = intelligence]

    Last week on Alias, Sydney’s mother turned herself in – although she may still be an enemy. Will is injected with heroin by Jack to cover up his SD-6 story.

    At a US Operations Center, Sydney’s mother is in a van. Assistant director Kendall talks with her.

    At Sydney’s/Francie’s place, Francie asks Jack about the color her restaurant walls should be. He says he’s not really into interior decorating, but that some people believe white means death.

    Jack tells Sydney that Irina (Sydney’s mother) was transferred to a joint task force center. Sydney and Vaughn meet at the garage and talk about Irina. Kendall comes in and says that Irina won’t talk about The Bible, her agency’s operations manual, or for that matter anything to anyone except Sydney. Sydney refuses to talk to her mother. Kendall black mails Vaughn, using the fact that he helped Sydney out of federal custody, and tells him to convince Sydney to talk to her mother.

    At Will’s trial, he pleads guilty to possession of a controlled substance and will get probation and 100 hours of community service.

    Sydney and Vaughn again have a meeting. He gives her stuff to use to help with her counter mission. Vaughn finds another enemy in Kendall, who has Kendall says himself, he very hard to work with.

    In Rabat (a middle-eastern city), Sydney and Dixon are on another mission. Sydney talks English, but with a strong Italian accent.

    Back in LA, Vaughn talks to Irina. He has a hard time looking at her – the woman who killed his father. She won’t say much – but gives one “gift” of information about how to retrieve the disc (also called “The Bible”, it contained information used to black mail).

    At the SD-6 gadget briefing with Marshall, Sydney gets a super amplifier to record a conversation.

    Back in Rabat, she breaks into the hotel. The “gift” from Irina – that you should pull the fire alarm before opening the safe – was a gift that Sydney decided to ignore, thinking it was false. This triggers an alarm. However, Sydney makes it out. However, she is unable to transmit the data to the CIA before Dixon finds her.

    Vaughn and Sydney talk yet again. This time she wants to see her mother, but he doesn’t want her to. At SD-6, Sloane thanks Sydney for the intel. Sydney then talks to Jack. She wants to get the intel – by talking to her mother. He doesn’t think that’s a great idea.

    Will is picking up papers and then talks to Francie. He agrees to help her navigate the political system of getting licenses for her restaurant.

    Sydney is jogging while we hear complex directions to get to the operations center where Irina is being held in a voiceover by Vaughn. They include jogging to a certain place, dropping a coin in a homeless person’s tin can, and dialing a phone number. She walks into the operations center and talks with her mother. Irina gives her some information but is harsh and evil. Sydney contains herself but once she exits she explodes in tears.

    In Helsenki, Sydney and Vaughn are on a mission to get a camera – but then Sloane shows up. Vaughn creates a distraction so that Sloane doesn’t see her jumping off the building to get to another floor. But then Sloane uses the blackmailing files on the disc to convince the owner of the camera to give it to him. However, Syd gets it (the camera) first, barley escaping.

    Back at the operations center, Vicki (a CIA assistant) tells Sydney that her mother seemed proud, congratulating. Sydney goes to tell her mother that she is only to be referred to only as Agent Bristow by her (Irina), and that there is to be no comments on her job performance. No condolences, no congratulations. Sydney leaves, and Irina smiles.
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