Summer Reading List and Time Off

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Summer Reading List and Time Off

I survived the terrible weather and floods that devastated so much of southern Indiana, though my dear wifey did the splits on a wet kitchen floor after the deluge. And I've just learned that I will be getting an unexpected summer break due to the fact that I'm headed to surgery tomorrow. The diagnosis is a double (!) hernia, probably from lifting some heavy computer gear at work. Except for the removal of an infected lymph node many, many years ago due to Cat Scratch Fever (but not the kind Ted Nugent sang about), I've never had surgery or undergone general anesthesia. It will be a new experience for me.

And while I'm flat on my back in recovery, I'll be reading these books, my early-summer reading list:

Two+of+Minds+cover.jpg TWO OF MINDS by William H. Keith Jr., set in the Wizard's of the Coast Alternity universe. Bill is one of my favorite authors, and is well-known by gamers for his art and fiction that defined the first edition of the Traveller SF role-playing game. This novel has a strong "Traveller" feel to it, and the area of space called "The Verge" is an interesting though dark and dangerous setting.

Strong-Arm+Tactics+cover.jpg STRONG-ARM TACTICS by Jodie Lynn Nye. Published by the now-defunct Meisha Merlin, I found a copy of this laced-with-humor milfic novel at my local library. I had the pleasure to briefly meet Jodie at the recent Duckon SF convention, but was totally embarassed when I had to leave her Writing Narrative Hooks workshop before it was over. In my defense, my dear wifey had re-injured her leg while lifting luggage in our hotel room and needed my help in the worst way, so it really, really was an emergency. Family comes first, of course, but I still felt awful about having to bug out as I did. Sorry, Jodie.

The+Eternity+Artifact+cover.jpg THE ETERNITY ARTIFACT by L.E. Modesitt Jr.. I love first contact stories and this tale of an extra-galactic expedition to study an artificially-propelled planetoid created by aliens is my kind of story.

Hal+Spacejock+cover.jpg HAL SPACEJOCK by Simon Haynes. For the fun of it, this Australian SF comedy series is perfect for a relaxing summer read. The first of four novels about this clutzy space adventurer is available as a free download at HS Hal Spacejock.

Best+from+Galaxy+Vol+IV.jpg Before going through my pre-surgery tests yesterday, I had some time waiting in the hospital lounge. To my delight I found a copy of The Best From Galaxy Volume IV, edited by Jim Baen, resting on an end table as if it was waiting for me to come pick it up. There was even two Jerry Pournelle stories inside: Tinker, a short tale about life in the Asteroid belt, and a non-fiction piece about life in space. I hope this is a good omen for my upcoming time under the surgeon's knife.

Viktor Kuprin

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