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Well i finished school today and in school we where talking about what we are doing this summer and i thought i should bring the topic to u guys. :D
R U traveling,visiting family members or simply nothing. :) :D

-YoJo surfer :surf:
Ima traveling.... if that doesn't fall through and I am moving if my family doesn't lose intrest in it. BUT HEY! YAY! I got out last friday! So now someone else on here is out! YAY hehehe sorry I am a lil caffinenated. :)


Let's see, summer........I'll be working, going out clubbing (last day of college I will be getting slightly...piss#*!)
Doing my work placement, etc, the usual!
I am packen right now. See my family and me are moving to a smaller more less violent town. :( And right now I am packen up some of my stuff.... I dont know when we will actually get it all done, but I have seen the house and its nice so..... but YAY summers here! YAY!!!!!!!!!!! hehe. I am goin to Arizonia and south daokotah before this summer is over. I am soooooo happy. Get away from all thew cowssssss.


lol doesn't jo live in arizona?? would it be funny if you saw her but didn't know it was her!! :LOL: and the cows.... i've never seen one upclose but on the highway!


Going to mah hometown Sydney, Austrailia. But then I'm going from there to New Zealand, the Outback, all over the place! 's gonna rock! :P


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I'll be on vacation in one week exactely (but after i have to review !)
This summer i will go 2 weeks near Bordeaux, France.
I will do some sports, sleep, be w/ my friends and be here !!
ugh! ur summer's sound so cool! as of right now I'm afraid mine's gonna suck. I wuz planning to go to ny but that fell through then I was hoping for california, well that MAY still happen, but it's kinda a long shot, so I guess I'll be (ARG!) here all summer...:( but it could be kinda fun I guess...I got a supporting role in this independent film they're shooting in july so...yeah...

:D I guess it might still end up cool...

hey, any time without school is good for me! :D
i will be sad b/c Matt won't be here with me, but i will be gone ALL July! i am going to Jacksonville, St Pete Beach, Tampa, Orlando, and Charleston, SC!


I am soooooooooo.... jealous, everyones of travelling and I'm well..stuck here in Liverpool, ;) !


I´ll stay in my home studing for September Exams :P

I´ll leave Madrid Three month for Go to my home in the nord of Spain, in Summer Madrid is very hot and suffocating.

But I´ll go two weeks to Canary Islands or Majorca in Baleares Islands. I´ll have to decide me ;)