Sci-Fi Super 8


Creative Writer

"next summer"??? I guess this means 2011?

Looks like a high budget movie that might give us something interesting to watch. Not sure about the title though, when I first came across it I thought it was a film type, next something along the lines of the "Fantastic Four" but I guess we will have to wait and see a lot closer to the time.
Re: Super 8 - teaser trailer

Since Area 51 is mentioned, I'm thinking this is another alien monster movie. I hope Steven doesn't mess this one up too by putting his own family problems in it like he did with WAR of the WORLDS.
Super 8 (trailer 3)

I think we've all gathered by now this will be a kids/family film, something we sadly see little of nowadays.

With a title of Super 8, in reference to the kids 8mm movie camera that he is trying to make a home movie with, I was a bit expecting this to be another 'found-footage' film like Cloverfield.

I'm glad to see that it isn't.