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I was wondering if any of you have any superstitions or routines before watching or participating in any sports? I'm a huge Red Sox fan and I own a cap that I never wear during ANY of their games. Last year I became a casual fan but this year I'm die-hard. I purchased it this year and it never once touched my head during a game. If they hadn't won the World Series then I would have started wearing the cap but since they did win it's staying off my head. I also never say that they're going to win the game that they are playing because I'm so afraid of jinxing them lol.


As a longtime Cubs fan I should have some right???? I mean what are Cubs and Cubs fans if not superstitious, but I actually have NONE!!! As far as routines I go to LOTS of Cubs games but when I watch them on TV or hear them ont he radio I have to watch or listen to the pregame show, its a must with me for some reason I cant enjoy it with out watching the pregame and the post game


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During the 2002 World Series, yes the one my Giants were in, if we weren't at the game we'd pull out the bobbleheads. That year, they gave out giants bobbleheads of every starter. First, we'd line them up on the top of the TV in order, then we'd hold the bobblehead if they were batting. It was a crazy superstition at the time, but it was pretty funny to watch. But, I erased all of my memory of the 2002 World Series. I pulled a Syd and had all images erased from my mind, you know, except for the whole bobblehead thing.

Nowadays, we have routines. We take the same route to the ballpark and have a certain order we sit in. If it's a week day game I wear my white giants jacket, if it's a weekend game I wear one of my giants jerseys.

I do nothing out of the ordinary. :D
When I played high school, summer league and college baseball, I would wear the same white t-shirt under my home uniform and the same grey t-shirt under my away uniform. Those shirts didn't look the best after 8 seasons.


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For the Eagles this year there's a hat I wear. I have to wear it. I went to a Christmas party one Sunday this past December and I brought the hat and put it one when the game started... :LOL:

More personally, every morning before I go surf I have to wax my board the same way every time. :surf:
For any Philly teams....I don't talk about any kind of championship. I'm no comment on that.

My own: I have to eat peanut butter and jelly the day of the game. I don't wash my socks (yes, I get a lot of comments about that), I always put my right shin guards, socks and cleats first then do my left. I have to wear a wifebeater under my shirt. I eat of cup of ice before the game. I say a prayer.


And when I can, I make sure to visit Fenway on the day of a game

I go to a lot of Cubs games but getting around Wrigley on a game day is next to impossible, your stupid if you drive cause you will find parking over 5 blocks away from Wrigley (IF your lucky) unless you come 4 hours early, Your stupid if you take CTA cause the lines at the train station is literally 20,000 people long, you cant really stand around there cause with the ballpark and all the rooftops theres just WAY too many people (4,1000 just in the ballpark) and there are over 10 rooftops at wrigley as well all the kids and guys out on the street under the ballpark waiting for a homerun from the opposing team so they can throw it back, all in all its way too crowded to get around there on gamedays. On August 1 last year when Nomar debuted as a Cubbie I went to that game it was a 1:20 game and I got there at 8am and there were so many poeple there you could barely breathe at 8am that is, It was insane it was like a mob riot going on at 8am for a 1:20 game I felt really bad for the poeple that live in Wrigleyville, they must hate us
I never had any routines when I played softball, I was never really superstitious like that. Now being a Philly sports fan my entire life, I've learned not to say anything I think would jinx the teams. Used to be if I'd go to a few Phillies games, they'd lose, or if someone went with me who brought bad luck..LOL.

I've worn my new Eagles sweatshirt every Sunday for a month, but the Eagles lost the last two games so I'm not sure if it was working or not.

Last year, I went to all three Triple Crown races. Before the Kentucky Derby, the night before, my friend and I made a Target run and did a little bit pre Derby partying. Then going into Churchill Downs, I heard "My Immortal" by Evanescence (my #2 favorite band). Smarty won. Then when I got back here, I went to the Preakness. The night before, I made a Target run, and had a few beers when I got home. Also right before, I heard "Going Under" by Evanescence. Smarty won the Preakness. I did none of those things before going to the Belmont..I tell myself that's not why he lost :LOL:


My dad play's cricket and on a match day he always does eveything in the same order. and he has a lucky handkerchief.

When i'm watching him, i have to sit stil if he's playing well and I sit in the same place everyweek.


When I swim I stretch and jump up and down behind the blocks (plus i started a dance craze...but that's another story). I also spit in my googles.

When I play b-ball I have a a little routine when I do my foul shots.

And I'm a huge Duke fan. I got one of those little Duke cows from Chik-Fil-A and we got it like 4 years ago when Duke won the national championship. We had it sitting on the tv in the kitchen, after they won we have never moved it. I also never wear ANYTHING duke on gameday...I'm afraid it'll jinx them (unless I go to the game).