Survival Instinct Gets Exclusive GameStop Content



Gamers who pre-order their copy of The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct at GameStop will get their hands on exclusive content and a nifty key chain.

The retailer has once again given video game aficionados a reason to stop in and pre-order a title ahead of its scheduled release date. According to Playstation Lifestyle, fans of the upcoming first-person shooter will receive the “Herd Mode” DLC when they reserve their copies.

The zombie-oriented actioner from Terminal Reality is based on the hit AMC series The Walking Dead. Unlike the adventure game from Telltale Games, this particular outing focuses more on the slaughtering of ghouls than telling an emotional story.

The Survival Instinct trailer that made the rounds towards the end of last year certainly didn’t do the game any favors. Many were quick to criticize the game’s lackluster graphics, which prompted Terminal Reality to address the issue with EuroGamer.

Principal effects artist Glenn Gamble said the fan-made trailer featured old footage from the forthcoming game. He hopes that gamers won’t be so quick to judge the title based on what he considers to be outdated video.

Gamble explained:

“That’s the thing about a game. It’s constantly evolving and getting better. Time is the ultimate enemy of any game. If everybody had four years and an infinite budget every game would probably be infinitely better than they are. But eventually you run out of time and the date gets cut off and you just have to make the game at that point.”

A brand new trailer featuring up-to-date graphics is supposed to makes its presence known at some point in the near future. With the game’s release date just months away, hopefully it will be sooner than later.

Terminal Reality’s The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct hits retail on March 19. Gears of War: Judgement is slated to arrive the same day.


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Herd mode? Sounds like that would be like large amounts of walkers all together, yeah better not attract any attention. XD