Sydney Bristow Character Description

Azhria Lilu

Nov 18, 2002
Derbyshire, UK
Sydney Bristow is not your average college student - she's a spy. And not just a spy - a double agent. When she learns her employer, SD-6, which pretended to be a secret division of the CIA, is actually an enemy of the United States and wasn't part of the CIA, Sydney turned to the real CIA. There she met her handler, Michael Vaughn, who both have feelings for each other. She has constant revelations about her father, Jack Bristow, who is also a double agent pretending to work for SD-6 but really working for the CIA.


Dec 1, 2002
Sydeney Bristow also live with her friend named Francie and Will. Will knows her working at SD-6 and the CIA but Francie doens't. Right, now Sydney loves Will and Vaughn very much and needs to chooose one of them.


Jan 8, 2003
She's a woman just learning about herself and where she comes from and where she'd like to go. As a naive 19 year old she was duped into working for the bad guys, the enemies she now vows to take down. The dead mother whom she loved is not only alive, but a deceptive killer. Her father is an enigma, having brainwashed her when she was a tyke. She is slowly learning to trust again and her life is made in part easier by the fact that a friend now knows her secret. And in her chaotic world she is championed by her forbidden love, CIA Handler (the extremely seXAY) Agent Vaughn.

*hows that?*
Jan 1, 2003
Awesome very well done and I think we have the fine points!


except the part where Vaughn is extremely Sexy wheres that j/K?

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