Tears And Mutilations In New Stargate DVD Movie [Stargate: Continuum]


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The cast of space-hopping drama Stargate SG-1 is back at last in Stargate: Continuum, a new direct-to-DVD movie — just in time to have all sorts of horrible things happen to them. With time travel and alternate universes, anything goes. Including hacking off the limbs of beloved heroes or killing off the cast entirely. Yet after 10 YEARS of filming, I have to admit my spoiler wires have started to get crossed, so I did some research. After the fold, a run down of the best Continuum spoilers and pictures to hold you off until July, 29. Click through to find out who's back, who's dead and who's looking better with age.

The Execution Of Ba'al and Other Cast Members:
Continuum starts off with the execution of Ba'al, the time-traveling would-be world dominator. From the movie stills, it looks like an Ancient appears to do the deed. But, not surprisingly, Ba'al escapes and Vala and Teal'c just vanish, only to reappear. But now Vala has been possessed by Katesh and has become Ba'al's queen, and Teal'c is now Ba'al first prime (with the mark of Ba'al on his forehead). Looks like smartypants Ba'al went back and got a hottie and the best Jaffa warrior in the universe, well played. But more shockingly, it looks like when Ba'al escapes, he stabs Major General Jack O'Neill in the heart, and now he's dead. But no worries, it's a time traveling movie. I'm sure he'll be back.

Two Legs Bad:

Producer and writer, Brad Wright, explained that sometimes messing with a character is fun, like when he decided to take off Dr. Daniel Jackson's leg.
“Daniel’s leg is a funny story because Michael Shanks was not available to do the Arctic shoot,” says Wright. “I knew I had to separate Carter and Mitchell from Daniel, but he was on the boat with them! I didn’t know what to do. I thought how do I keep him there? I called Ben to discuss the script and he asked what I was going to do with Shanks. I told him I fixed it by having him step in the water and getting frostbite. He asked ‘What happens next?’ I said, ‘We cut off his leg.’ He said ‘Man, you are harsh!’ What I did to Jack O’Neill was pretty harsh too.”
Who's Coming Back:
Nirriti the hottie female Goa'uld is back. Hopefully there will be some more seduction/brainwashing. William DeVane will be back as Henry Hayes, but if it's an alternate universe he may not be the President anymore. But most exciting is the return of Apophis and his terrible hats. He's going to be such a baby with out Teal'c. I can't wait to see Ba'al just beat the felgercarb out of that pretty face.

Vala Won't Have That Big Of A Part:

According to producers she won't be on for too long and actress Claudia Black, in an interview with Slice of SciFi, Vala won't be in that long. Which is fine by me. More room for Katech and her new love affair with Ba'al.

Sam brings back the sexy hair. Which style is better? Discuss.

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