Jan 23, 2004
Antartica (chillin wit da Penguins)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Alias. Plain and simple.
A/N: I wrote this after reading a fic… tell me what you thought. It actually kinda a little PG-ish, but mostly qualifies as pg-13. Thanks so much Amy for beta-ing this for me. Yes Amy, I will try to make a PG fic for you, but I don’t know. Until then, you have this.
Summary: Why does giving in to temptation feel so damn good? :redhair:


Hot in
So hot in here...
So Hot in ah
Want a little bit a ah,ah
and a little bit a ah,ah
just a little bit a ah,ah
just a little bit a ah,ah
just a little bit a ah,ah
just a little bit a ah,ah

“But what about Vaughn-” Sydney started before Sark silenced her off with a kiss. They were in what appeared to be a <A TITLE="Click for more information about hotel" STYLE="text-decoration: none; border-bottom: medium solid green;" HREF="http://search.targetwords.com/u.search?x=5977|1||||hotels|AA1VDw">hotel</A>.
“Screw Vaughn.” Sark said opening the door with his one free hand and his other one around Sydney‘s waist.
“Sydney? Where are you?” Weiss called through her Com.
“s***,” Sydney cursed. “The Com link.” Sydney extricated herself and her practically skin tight red dress from Sark’s grasp. She ripped off her Com and stepped on it. Sark stepped closer to her , but she stepped back. “Not here, they’ll trace my last known location.”
Sark just smirked at that.
~~~Weiss’s POV~~~
“Syd- Sydney?” Weiss spoke into the link. He changed frequencies to talk to Vaughn, “Mike, Sydney isn’t responding. I’m trying to talk to her.”
“Activate our backup Com. Sydney won’t reveal anything, if she’s being hold captive because she doesn’t know it’s on her.” Vaughn informed him.
“Are you sure?” Weiss asked.
“Yes.” Vaughn told him. “Oh and get started tacking Syd’s last location.”
Weiss shrugged and motioned for the other agents to follow him. We should know by now, Sydney isn’t the by the book kind of girl when it comes to missions.
~~~Sydney’s POV~~~
*I know I skipped ahead in the song, but oh well*

It's getting hot in here(so hot)
So take off all your clothes
I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes
It's getting hot in here(so hot)
So take off all your clothes
I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes

By now Sark had already had his dress shirt off and they were rapidly making their way to the bed.
~~~Vaughn’s POV~~~
“What the hell is going on in there?” he mumbled confused. He changed frequencies and told Jack to follow Weiss in their search for Sydney. He only agreed after Vaughn told him that Sydney could be in trouble.

So take it off like your home alone
You know dance in front of your mirror while your on the phone
Checkin your reflection and telling your best
friend, like "girl I think my butt gettin big"

~~~Sark’s POV~~~
His phone rang and looking at it for a second he threw it to the ground. He rained kisses on Sydney’s face as she lay on the bed currently only in her underwear.

It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes
I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off
It's getting hot in here, so take off all your clothes
I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off

~~~Jack’s POV~~~
“This better be good!” he barked at the agent. They walked into the hotel and hurried into the elevator. “So what floor was she on?”

~~~Vaughn’s POV~~~

He was now getting nervous.

It's getting hot in here,so hot so take off all your clothes
I am getting so hot, I wanna take my clothes off (x4)

~~~Weiss’s POV~~~
Jack ran out of the elevator searching her room number. Weiss stared at him and mumbled, “This isn’t going to end well.”
~~~Sydney’s POV~~~
She ran her hand through he hair before he started kissing down her stomach.

~~~Jack’s POV~~~
He stopped right in front of her door as he waited for the other agents to hurry up.

~~~Sydney’s POV~~~
“But Vaughn or Weiss will-” Sydney started before once again being silence with a kiss.
“Do me a favor Sydney, don’t ever talk about your Scooby gang friends while we’re having sex.”
Sydney smiled.

~~~Jack’s POV~~~
Weiss and the other agents had caught up and without waiting to listen in on what was happening Jack began pick locking the door. It would only be a matter of time.

~~~Sark’s POV~~~
“I love you Sydney,” He started when he noticed she was looking at something behind him. Her smile faded as she stated,
“Hi Daddy.”
“Sydney?” Jack asked horrified.
“Sydney, Sydney, Miss Bristow!” Someone yelled.”
Sydney shook her head clear, she was in a briefing.
“What? What? I wasn’t having semi-erotic fantasies about Sark.” Sydney rushed before she realized what she was saying.
“Smooth.” Weiss whispered to her.
Damn you Sark for being so God damn irresistible. She thought.

El Fin ?

A/N: So did you like it? It’s kinda hard for me to write a PG fic, but I think I did it. Amy, if you don’t think it’s not very pg-ish, then I will make another. So please review! Should i continue? Write it's partner (Sark's)?


Jan 23, 2004
Antartica (chillin wit da Penguins)
Disclaimer: I don’t own Alias, or any of it’s character, which includes *sigh* Sark…
A/N: You might be confused for while, don’t worry Sarkney’s this is not SV. Catalyst scientifically is something that speeds up a process of something (basically, that all you need to know). Sark’s turn… is it a dream, or is it fate?

Seduction’s catalyst

Sark tapped his fingers on the tabled lightly in a soothing rhythm. He was wearing the usual suit, while slightly slouching in a chair in a restaurant residing in Paris. Eyes darting to a woman strolling in, he licked his lips as he stood up. The woman tossed her luscious curly black hair as she turned and playfully smirked, sizing him up, at him, a silent gesture stating that she had noticed him watching her. Returning her attention to the man beside her, the woman whispered to the man beside her. The man turned around and frowned at Sark.
Agent Vaughn, what are you doing here? Sark thought disgusted. He tuned out the agent and refocused his attention on the other agent beside him, Sydney. They were here on some easy mission to retrieve some Intel, which they had done 5 minutes prior. Now, Sark was busy attempting to separate Sydney from her leeching ex. Which was proving to be a harder task than it had appeared before. Sydney was now wearing a gold dress that had intense luster while Vaughn was in a suit. She was escorted or rather dragged by Vaughn to a currently empty table while she locked her gaze on Sark. He helped her in her seat and she crossed her legs as she sat down, obviously annoyed. Smiling all of a sudden she offered to buy him a drink.
“Sure” Vaughn answered his eyes only on her. The drinks came shortly after, although Vaughn downed his in practically a few gulps.
Sydney shifted her eyes nervously around the restaurant which got Sark’s attention; something was up. Sydney stood up and motioned to Vaughn to follow. They walked down a secluded hallway and Sark followed close behind. Less than 10 feet later Sark heard a thud. Running to Sydney’s aid he came to find Vaughn slouched on the ground unconscious. Most likely, thanks to the drug in the drink Sydney had given him. Spotting Sark Sydney smirked, “playing with fire, huh?” she teased into his ear. The hallway was only sparsely lit shadowing her faces at places.
“Let’s get out of here.” he told her and they left the restaurant out a back door.
It didn’t take them long to reach the building. Opening the door with the only free hand he had left, Sark currently had the other arm around Sydney’s waist, they made their way into the dark house. Sydney ran her hand through his short hair while kissing him. He opened his lips wider for her tongue to dance with his. He easily slipped the dress over her head. Sydney peeled off his shirt as they walked towards the bedroom. They stopped short however, when they heard a crash. Something had fallen, and by the sound of it, it was Sydney’s vase. Sydney rolled her eyes and stepped out of Sark’s embrace. Reaching for the gun in his pocket, Sark followed the sound with Sydney right behind him.
“There’s no one here.” Sydney whispered to him.
“Let me check around first.” Sark told her. He walked into a nearby room to investigate while Sydney went in another.
Sark found himself in what appeared to be the living room of the house. Everything seemed to be where it was supposed to be, the couch, the tv, the tables, everything.
“Maybe it was one of the dogs.” Sydney suggested, referring to their dogs, a Yorkshire Terrier, Alaskan Malamute, and a Golden Retriever.
“Must have been.” Sark theorized. “Now where were we?”
Sark kissed Sydney and started to peel off her bra when they heard another noise.
“Eww” someone shrieked.
Turning around Sark and Sydney stared dumbfounded at a girl who was no more than 10 years old. Her curly blonde hair and brown eyes shown with repugnance and revelation. “My eyes! I’m scarred for life! Mom, dad, get a room! Hey, uh, can I be blind now please?” she shouted before turning and running away.
Sydney smiled at Sark and he smirked in response.
“Sorry, Mr. And Mrs. L., the park closed early and I didn’t know you guys would be home so soon.” the red-headed babysitter explained coming into the room while covering her eyes with her hand. She was 15, but considering they were like a second family to her, she didn’t want to see them in that situation. “We’re uh, gonna leave the house and go someplace now. We’ll go see “Catch that Kid” or something. It‘s, uh, nice to see that adults are still as friendly with their, uh, partners, as we are. Bye.” With that the girl, dressed in shorts and a Gators jersey, ran out of the room, calling the little girl’s name.
Sark sat up in bed laughing. “No more strawberries right before bed I guess. What am I saying? I’m gonna have strawberries every night from now on.” Still laughing he fell back on his pillow and closed his eyes in an attempt to resurrect the dream and maybe tweak it just a little. Any dream with Sydney was good, and especially when he wasn’t in some damn CIA issued cell. Hmm, Sydney really is seduction’s catalyst ...
El Fin?

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Jan 23, 2004
Antartica (chillin wit da Penguins)
Disclaimer: These things are so annoying, it’s called a fanfic people, if I owned Alias don’t you think this would be happening on the show and not written in a fanfic? Use your head. And does anyone read disclaimers anymore? Just a waste of the author’s time…
A/N: Lol, my a/n is shorter than my disclaimer. Thanks so much for the reviews. Here is the long awaited confrontation. Just some light fluff.

A not so awkward confrontation

***Sydney’s POV***
“Wow, that was, umm, is there something you would like to share with us Miss Bristow?” Dixon asked.
Sydney shook her head ‘No’ while growing red in the face. Lauren was grinning like a Chester cat, ad Vaughn had a look of envy on is face.
Marshall cleared his throat.
“So Sydney, you will be leaving for Paris, France in 1 hour. There you will stay for 3 days, oh and if you could, please, bring Carrie and me some souvenirs back. It’d be great to show our (A/N: son or daughter?) some day. Well, it’s not like we’re pressuring you or anything. We’d just greatly appreciate it. And pictures, we’d love the pictures, could, could you get doubles, so I could show my mom? I’m sorry, it’s just that she loves the pictures and…” Marshall stumbled along.
“Marshall! Focus. Don’t drift off into fantasy land like Bristow did.” Dixon told him.
“Well, you will be posing as a new mistress of the President of ‘Henre’s party abet’. He is really up for promotion in the Covenant and can be easily swayed through other ways.” Marshall said emphasizing on the word ‘other’. “Your job is to persuade him to give you the information through seduction. You have 3 days to get close to him, and have him trust you.” Marshall told her.
“dismissed.” Dixon stated.
Sydney gathered her things and left the room to get ready for the trip.
“Wait, Sydney, wait up!” a voice called.
Whirling around, Sydney found herself almost face to face with Vaughn.
“Look, if you don’t want to go on this mission, you don’t have to. I could always persuade Dixon to..” Vaughn started.
“I don’t need you to fight my battles for me! I am going on this mission because I want to. If you want to help out someone why don’t you go look for your wife.” Sydney retorted then walked away.
Vaughn stared after her a look of sadness in his eyes.
“Michael!” an agitating voice called. “Are you gonna take my out to dinner tonight? Are you? Hello are you paying attention?”
“Lauren, hey, of course I am, just, hold on” he told her running off in Sydney direction. He had seen her run towards the elevator. When he got there however, the elevator had already had her as a passenger. Walking back to Lauren he told her, “You know what, dinner canceled, make yourself a sandwich or something. You should be capable of doing at lest that. I’ll see you in 3 days.”
Lauren gapped while her husband ran towards the parking lot. Crossing her arms she spat, “No, no you wont. You’ll see me sooner than you’d like. Hey Marshall, see you in 3 days!” Lauren yelled toward the agent and went to pack her stuff.
Weiss, who had just seen the whole thing, just shook his head. It was times like these that made him glad he was single.
***Sark’s POV***
****hours later***
“Your mission is to pose as the President of ‘Henre’s party abet’ in Paris, France. don’t worry about Henre getting in your way, he will be taken care of.” Irina told Sark. “You must find out just what exactly Henre knew and soak up any new information that the Covenant gives you. You have 3 days to do this, we can’t stay in for too long. Do you understand your mission?”
“Yes.” Sark said dressed in his usual suit.
“You leave in an hour. Dismissed.” she told him and he walked out of the meeting.

~3 hours later~

***Henre’s POV***
“This way Mr. Henre sir” a man instructed wearing a black and white hotel uniform.
Sark, dressed in a tux, followed the man and found himself in front of a classy looking suite. Not too shabby for a party storeowner. Sark thought. The man opened the door and ushered Sark inside.
“And in here you will find…” he trailed off.
“Emily!” Sark yelled and ran to hug the woman. The woman ran into his arms and hugged him.
What an airhead, can’t even tell im not her husband. Sark thought. The woman was at least in her mid 40s, 46 maybe? Her brown short hair as curled up at the bottom in a 70s hairstyle, (A/N: Like Kitty’s hair from That 70s Show.) her face had too much blush and lipstick on, in fact, she looked like a middle-aged hooker.
But this was Henre’s wife all right. No wonder the man had a mistress. Sark thought. “Now, hold on sweetie, i have a business meeting downstairs in less than 10 minutes.” he lied.
Walking downstairs he knocked on a door. The door opened and some woman pulled him inside.
That same woman tackled him to the floor and began kissing him. It wasn’t until she looked in his face did she stop, her face reflecting that of horror.
“Sark! What the hell are you doing here!” she yelled not quite able to look him in the eye.
“Me! I’m not the one attacking people! I was just walking! And could you please get off me!” Sark stated, both not meaning it and not being able to look at her in the eye.
“Really? How long are you staying here?” Sark asked accusingly.
“Are you hitting on me?” Sydney asked staring at the floor knowing the answer was ‘no’, but needing time to think of a few explanations.
Screw it. Mm I’d like to… Sydney! Focus! “Fine, I’m on a mission! Happy!” Sydney yelled in a whisper.
“Why are you starring at the floor?” Sark asked. “Bloody hell! Answer me woman. You’re acting like you got caught having a fantasy about me or something!”
Sydney looked up at him with guilty eyes.
Sark started laughing to cover up his surprise and happiness. “Smooth.”
“So! You were avoiding my…” she trailed off putting two and two together and starting laughing.
“Aww, should I leave you two alone?” Sydney asked referring to him and his desires.
“Shut up!” he said throwing a pillow at her.
“You’d be so lucky,” she rejoined throwing one at him. Looking at the pillow thrown, Sydney and Sark had the same thought-
“A pillow fight will, solve this!” Sydney yelled jumping on the bed and grabbing a pillow attacking Sark with it. Bumping into a table they continued with their pillow fight.
“Ow! No it, ow, won’t! Hey, ow, I need one, ow, too!” Sark yelled making his way to the bed for a pillow. He smiled as he smacked Sydney with the pillow.
“OW!” Sydney echoed falling to the ground. “What do they put in these pillows? Bricks?”
“Are you ok?” Sark asked dropping his pillow.
“Sucker!” Sydney yelled and assailed him with her pillow.
“No!” Sark yelled playfully. Sydney climbed on him still hitting him with the pillow. She just stared at him for what seemed like forever and his eyes mirrored hers.
“Hello? Miss Ming? Are you ok? We heard some noise.” a man asked, most likely a manager.
“Yeah, we’re-” Sydney started then caught herself, “I’m fine.”
“Are you sure? Do you want us to come check it for you?” he persisted.
“No, no thanks.” Sydney told the manager. She climbed off Sark in a hurry and told him, “You’d better get back to your ‘wife.’ Wouldn’t want her to worry.” She told him this in fake cheerfulness and sat back on the bed.
Staring at Sydney for a few seconds, Sark turned around and went back to his room.
Although he regretted leaving the room, he knew in his gut that this would be a fun or at least interesting 3 days.

***Samantha Ming’s POV***
Sydney threw herself against the bed in agony. So Sark was staying at this hotel for a while too, huh? So close, but yet so far away. She had a gut feeling that it would be a fun 3 days.

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